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AK-12 (short for "Avtomat Kalashnikova 2012") is a Russian assault rifle who is depicted in the Chinese gachashit Girls' Frontline as a "T-Doll", android soldier girls representing real-life firearms.

On /v/ AK-12 is mostly known for her big.... buttstock. More specifically, she is infamous for a notorious spammer who consistently posts several threads on the /v/ catalog per day with an image of AK-12's ass and the text "Vidya Butts", usually variated with random characters to throw off the janitors' attempts at blocking the spam. Because of this she has become a symbol of mockery towards the jannies.

Tournament History[edit]

In Queen of /v/ 2022 she became one of the first gacha game girls to qualify for the bracket alongside Azur Lane shipgirl Essex. But given the stigma against gacha games in the community, her status as an anti-janny meme was not enough to carry her past the first round. The gun girl narrowly lost to Omori's sister Mari by 28 votes, who in turn grew her backside in honor of her defeated opponent.

She returned in 2023, with her voters promoting a vote for her as a vote against the jannies, however she lost round 1 to memecat Neco-Arc. She managed one loser bracket victory against Deltarune pick Susie before being knocked out in the proceeding 4-way, in an unsuccessful run in which some supporters blamed on janny interference.


Queen of /v/
2022 - seed 27
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (102) Mari OMORI 810 - 838 49.1%
2023 - seed 49
Round 1 (64) Neco-Arc TsukihimeMelty Blood 662 - 443 40%


Queen of /v/
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