Marisa Kirisame

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Marisa Kirisame is a playable character featured in ZUN's Touhou Project video game series. A human magician and complete kleptomaniac, Marisa has been one of the most popular characters in the series after first appearing in the second installment Story of Eastern Wonderland.

Tournament history[edit]

Just like fellow Touhou protagonist Reimu Hakurei, Marisa didn't show up for the inaugural Queen of /v/ 2019, instead making her debut in Queen of /v/ 2020. Unlike Reimu, who proceeded to win the tournament, Marisa jobbed in the first round to Bloodborne boss, Lady Maria.

Queen of /v/ 2021 was a different story, as she managed to score a very high seed and made it to Elite Eight. Her win in quarter-finals against Curly Brace was controversial, most notably because people were scared of another Touhou winner, especially one just a year after Reimu's win, so Marisa ended up losing to eventual winner, Recette Lemongrass, and placed 3rd overall.

Despite sitting out for Queen of /v/ 2022, Marisa played a role in Scout's campaign for King of /v/ 2022, as the two were depicted in a romantic relationship. This relationship was short-lived however, as she left Scout and started dating John Ward. This ended up leading to the infamous Schizo Scout arc in King of /v/ 2023, which you can read more about on Scout's page.

Queen of /v/ 2023 was notable for Marisa because despite being a semi-finalist just two years prior, she failed to qualify, shocking many anons.

Marisa will next be eligible to steal the precious vote in Queen of /v/ 2024.


Queen of /v/
Rd Opponent Score Series VF%
Queen of /v/ 2020 - seed 94
Ro128 (35) Lady Maria 374 - 492 Bloodborne 43.2%
Queen of /v/ 2021 - seed 4
Ro128 (125) Saber 627 - 397 Fate/stay night 61.2%
Ro64 (68) Neco-Arc 522 - 502 Tsukihime 56.1%
Ro32 (29) Palutena 686 - 526 Kid Icarus 56.6%
Ro16 (52) Hornet 637 - 495 Hollow Knight 56.3%
QF (12) Curly Brace 751 - 728 Cave Story 50.8%
SF (113) Recette 549 - 709 Recettear 43.6%
3rd-4th (6) Roll 592 - 539 Mega Man 53.34%


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