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Fang is the main protagonist of Goodbye Volcano High, a 2023 cinematic adventure game developed by Canadian studio KO_OP. Set in a world of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, Fang is depicted as a pale-skinned pterosaur with feathered wings who performs as the main vocalist of a high school band called VVORM DRAMA.

Goodbye Volcano High gained notoriety after it was featured as one of the announced games during Sony's June 2020 online presentation that served as an replacement to the cancelled E3 2020 event. The game earned /v/'s ire for its perceived poor quality, and also because it is a high school drama that depicts a non-binary "scalie" as the main character. Aside from /v/'s expected hostile response, a group of anons collectively called Cavemanon Studios decided to created a visual novel parody named Snoot Game, which depicts (You), a human male Anon, thrust into the game's world with the main goal of romancing Fang, who is depicted there as a woman struggling with her gender identity. Snoot Game was released on June 2021, becoming an unexpected hit among anons for its surprisingly high-quality writing and high emotional impact, improving the character's reputation from being seen as an ugly non-binary to becoming a lovable waifu.

Thus, as far as the Queen of /v/ tournaments are concerned, Fang is generally entered under her Snoot Game depiction.

Tournament History[edit]

Fang's flavour of the month status led the character to qualify for the Queen of /v/ tournament in 2021 despite her main game still in development. Seeded at #5, the pterosaur crashed out in round 1 after coming up 16 votes short against Fate loli Illyasviel von Einzbern. Her early exit is attributed to the board's general dislike towards furries / scalies and GVH's negative reputation, and also echoed the performance of Devil May Cry's Lady last year, who lost in round 1 as a #5 seed.

Further controversy arose during the final stages of the tournament when a user posted screenshots of a small Discord server showing a Fangfag unsuccessfully ordering his chatmates to rig the contest in favor of characters that he likes. After the Fangfag's primary pick lost, he threw a meltdown in chat, which was captured for anons to see.

Fang was nominated in 2022, but was notoriously disallowed from entering by one of the organizers under the reasoning that the game she was originally from was unreleased and that the game she was nominated under is a fangame, as well as citing the aforementioned discord incident as a reason for the ban. This caused an uproar from anons angry that Fang (and Hatsune Miku) were barred under such flimsy reasoning while an explicitly non-vidya character like Rebecca was allowed in, but nonetheless Fang would have to sit the year out.

Fang was however, despite organizer claims the year prior that she would be banned forever, allowed once again in Queen of /v/ 2023 due to the release of Goodbye Volcano High 3 months prior. As with her last entry she scored a top 10 seed with a lot of hype and support coming out from her fans in the threads, but despite this she proceeded to job spectacularly in the first round to the much lower seeded newcomer Goombella from Paper Mario.

Having again lost in an upset in the first round, Fang gained a reputation as a punching bag jobber, with some anons comparing her to Ms. /co/'s Loona, another anthro character who is often seeded high to much hype from her fans only to job in the first round. This punching bag status extended to anons replying "fangbro btw" to generally dumb/salty posts and laughing reaction images being posted mockingly whenever Fang was brought up.


Queen of /v/
2021 - seed 5
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (124) Illyasviel von Einzbern Fate 504 - 520 49.2%
2023 - seed 6
Round 1 (112) Goombella Paper Mario 531 - 574 48.1%


  1. Fang is described as "non-binary" in Goodbye Volcano High. In Snoot Game however she is treated by both the game and most other characters as female.


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