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Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid singing software voicebank developed by Japanese company Crypton Future Media and initially released on 2007. She is depicted as a 16-year old Japanese idol with long turquoise hair styled in twin-tails, and wears an outfit with detached sleeves, short skirt, and thigh-highs. An icon of Japanese pop culture, Miku is featured in a wide variety of merchandise, on anime, manga, and video games, and has performed as a virtual idol in real concerts.


Contest history[edit]

Miku first competed in the inaugural Queen of /v/ 2019 contest as the title character of Sega's rhythm game series Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, and reached the round of 16. However, she was disallowed in Queen of /v/ 2020 to the chagrin of some Mikufags. After spending two more years in the blacklist, the Vocaloid idol was finally freed on 2023 after anons voted for her to be whitelisted, citing games like Project Diva and Project Sekai as sufficient evidence for her eligibility as a vidya character. She then placed 21st in the preliminaries and advanced to the top 16 again, but fell 12 votes short of the Elite Eight against child robot Roll.

With two last-16 appearances under her belt, Miku will hope that third time's the charm for the upcoming 2024 edition.

Match history[edit]

Queen of /v/ 2019
Top 128 Leona @ King of Fighters 111 - 46

Top 64 Sakuya Izayoi @ Touhou 152 - 144

Top 32 Bad Girl @ No More Heroes 178 - 98

Top 16 Maya Fey @ Ace Attorney 126 - 166

Queen of /v/ 2023
Nominations: 123 votes (21st)
Top 128 Noelle Holiday @ Deltarune 712 - 393

Top 64 Marina @ Splatoon 758 - 420

Top 32 Tron Bonne @ Mega Man 633 - 489

Top 16 Roll @ Mega Man 570 - 582



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