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Erika Furudo is an antagonist from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni.

The witch of truth and self-proclaimed intellectual rapist, she is the villain of Episodes 5 and 6 of Umineko, where she tries to prove Battler Ushiromiya wrong at every opportunity she can.

Tournament History[edit]

Even though Erika has yet to qualify in Queen of /v/, she became very notable during /v/ Co-op 2023, where she was paired with fellow Umineko villain, Dlanor A. Knox. Due to a high-quality campaign, her and Dlanor managed to get to semi-finals before losing to eventual silver medalists, John Ward and Father Garcia. In the 3rd place match, she again lost to Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth, placing 4th with Dlanor.

When it comes to tournament lore autism, one of Erika's most notable and infamous contributions has to do with her raping Battler several times. Since Battler lost in the first round of Co-op while Erika kept winning matches, she would humiliate him constantly, which often took the form of rape. Eventually, she outfitted a local cathedral into her Rape Cathedral, where she trapped Battler and Agent 47 until King of /v/ 2023. Edgeworth is also in the cathedral, but he went there willingly because he has every fetish under the sun at this point.

Erika garnered further notoriety during Queen of /v/ 2023 as, though she was not a contender in the tournament itself, an Erika Furudo avatarfag played a crucial role in exposing one of the hosts due to having pointed out a link between various images posted by the host and the muzzle pictures being spammed during the tournament. This was what inspired her team-up with Captain Silver, another character with an avatarfag who played a crucial role in the incident.

Thus was "The Mutineers" /cov/ team between Erika Furudo and John Silver born, and though the team was conceptualized from the above incident, its premise largely revolved around both characters being "plunderers" stemming from Erika becoming a pirate in episode 8 of Umineko (before the incident that paired her with silver, Erika was originally planned to be paired with Zorak). This teamup would qualify with a high seed and go on to decisively win matches all the way to the finals, where they lost to the 2024 inaugural winners Dastardly Duo made up of Waluigi and Dick Dastardly.


Queen of /v/[edit]

  • 2021 - 74/90 votes (seed 223)
  • 2022 - 125/147 votes (seed 210)
  • 2023 - 66/77 votes (seed 232)


2024: John Silver / Erika Furudo - The Mutineers (seed 14)
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Death and ̶T̶a̶x̶e̶s̶ Death The Grim Reaper / Grim The Sims / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 50.0%
Round 2 (3-way) Death and ̶T̶a̶x̶e̶s̶ Death + (We are the Eggman) The Grim Reaper / Grim + (Eggman / Robotnik) The Sims / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy + (Sonic the Hedgehog / AoStH) 42.9%
Round 3 Pyramid Scheme Bill Cipher / Yung Venuz Gravity Falls / Nuclear Throne 59.0%
Round 4 Wouldn't it be funny? Jetstream Sam / Sticks the Badger Metal Gear / Sonic Boom 77.2%
Quarterfinals Cowboys & Indians Not Shane / Xavier The Town with No Name / Xavier: Renegade Angel 73.0%
Semi-finals Criminals of Offensive Villainy Dr. Doofenshmirtz / Dr. Wily Phineas and Ferb / Mega Man 74.7%
Finals Dastardly Duo Waluigi / Dick Dastardly Super Mario Bros / Wacky Races 33.7%


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