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Curly Brace is a character from the platformer game Cave Story, who serves as the game's third boss and later a major ally of player character Quote. She is a female robot who is capable of generating a shield that blocks projectiles and is able to withstand substantial amounts of damage. Curly appears as a blonde, young-looking humanoid who wears a red tank top and baggy pants. Because of her attractive design, she is commonly drawn in fan art as a thick, hot-ass blonde "coomer" bot. (Seriously, just search her name in Google Images and you will find out.) Due to this, her likable personality, and role in Cave Story's story, Curly Brace has persisted as a beloved character among many in the video game community.

Cave Story is created entirely by independent developer Daisuke Amaya (known by his pseudonym Pixel), and is widely considered as the "quintessential indie game" because of its quality comparable to "AAA games" (developed by major video game companies). Its pioneering success also influenced other future independent games that would also become famous in their own right.

Tournament History[edit]

Curly is a well-liked character on /v/ board and a classic vidya waifu because of her attractiveness and for being a character from one of the most acclaimed indie games. As a result, she is expected to perform fairly well in the board's Queen of /v/ tournaments, and has appeared in every eligible contest since the inaugural 2019 edition.

In the tournament's early years however, Curly struggled to meet these expectations as she lost to Princess Zelda twice: in 2019's second round, and in 2020's third round (by 16 votes). The robot finally made her breakthrough in the 2021 contest where she was seeded 12th, and comfortably reached the Elite Eight by defeating Risky, Kat, The Boss, and the displaced Ashley in her bracket. Unfortunately, her tournament run ended in the quarter-finals when she faced Touhou's Marisa Kirisame, whom she narrowly lost by 23 votes. She ultimately finished 6th behind Black Souls' Alice, and ahead of former Elite 8's Fio Germi and Shantae.

Curly would once again qualify in Queen of /v/ 2023 with a fair amount of hype behind her return. It's worth noting that this tournament was set up to use a double elimination format complete with a simultaneous losers' bracket. Curly ending up being surprisingly potent on her part of the bracket, continually winning with fair ease even against a couple strong campaigns for Hex Maniac and Palutena. This would bring her back into the Elite Eight for a second time. Her streak would continue into the quarterfinals, where she along with the other three semi-finalists (Roll, Amaterasu, and Bayonetta) would all win by strong margins. This gave the semi-finals two strong thematic matches, with Curly herself up against Roll in a battle of two classic robot girls. (There's even a point to argue that Curly herself was even largely inspired by Roll.) Despite vocal support for both girls, in the end Curly would advance to the finals and face off against Amaterasu. Both of their active campaigns would peek at this point, with Curly in particular getting several pieces in support of her including an animation, a short ROM hack, and even a simple game programmed by one anon. Many saw this as a close match between two board and tournament favorites, with some even feeling quite confident in Ammy being victorious. Considering the events of the following paragraph, this is largely remembered as the tournament's canon finale.

The answer would soon come in a less-than-ideal fashion as one of the hosts, BallsAnon, was caught in shared confusion among other hosts about how the tournament's ongoing losers' bracket would merge back with the winners' bracket. Muddled, he would first post the next round's form depicting Amaterasu going up against SHODAN for a chance to face Curly in a grand finals. Instead of proper results, anons would slowly pick out that Curly had actually won the match off this in the most anti-climatic fashion possible. Both the extra rounds and the general results reveal would end up under significant flack. Many anons were already ready to crown Curly as Queen by this point, to the point where this was the general consensus among many after the fact. The losers' finals in general was contentious among tourneygoers for various reasons. While SHODAN would advance by a narrow margin to face Curly, the general nature of the threads led hosts to simply let anons decide how results would be recorded. In the end, it would be voted that the losers' bracket results would mostly be ignored aside from small honors while the overall results defaulted back to the main bracket's final three rounds. As for Curly herself, she was voted to formally be crowned by a massive margin of 69-31, which while skewed and effectively non-canon does technically make it the biggest champion round win margin to date.

Overall, Curly Brace has already gone on to largely be seen as a worthy Queen by the majority of anons. People have praised both the character and Cave Story having a tournament win to their names. While some anons were dissatisfied with the way some of her supporters and general tourneygoers (presumably moreso the second) were pushing her as a must to win the grand finals for meta purposes, this has not been held much against the character herself and has mostly been buried. Overall, it is likely that she will continue to hold up as a strong winner even with the tournament itself's share of drama. As a result of her victory, Curly is here forth banned from participating in future Queen of /v/ tournaments.


Queen of /v/
2019 - Unseeded
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 Junko Enoshima 93 - 65 Danganronpa 58.9%
Round 2 Zelda 134 - 172 The Legend of Zelda 43.8%
2020 - seed 30
Round 1 (99) Rottytops 587 - 279 Shantae 63.8%
Round 2 (35) Lady Maria 556 - 360 Bloodborne 60.7%
Round 3 (25) Zelda 481 - 497 The Legend of Zelda 49.1%
2021 - seed 12
Round 1 (117) Risky Boots 694 - 330 Shantae 67.8%
Round 2 (76) Kat 674 - 561 Gravity Rush 54.6%
Round 3 (21) The Boss 667 - 545 Metal Gear 53.0%
Round 4 (60) Ashley 619 - 513 WarioWare 54.7%
Quaterfinals (4) Marisa Kirisame 728 - 751 Touhou 49.2%
5th-8th Match Result
Name 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
Alice 425 168 180 485 1258
Curly Brace 370 381 357 150
Fio Germi 252 410 418 178
Shantae 218 278 280 482
2023 - seed 12
Round 1 (119) Scout's Mom 825 - 280 Team Fortress 74.6%
Round 2 (13) Hex Maniac 648 - 530 Pokemon 55%
Round 3 (99) Junko Enoshima 767 - 355 Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc 68.3%
Round 4 (51) Palutena 693 - 459 Kid Icarus 60.1%
Quarterfinals (89) Ashley Graham 669 - 363 Resident Evil 64.8%
Semi-finals (68) Roll 602 - 403 Mega Man 59.9%
Finals (101) Amaterasu 595 - 502 Okami 54.2%


Queen of /v/ 2019
Finalists Samus Aran • 2nd Fio Germi
Semi-finalists 3rd Midna • 4th Maya Fey
Quarter-finalists 5th GLaDOS • 6th Princess Peach • 7th Shantae • 8th Roll
Round 4 (Top 16) Aigis Amaterasu Cynthia Hatsune Miku Jill Stingray Jill Valentine Morrigan Tifa Lockhart
Round 3 (Top 32) Agnes Oblige Bad Girl Bayonetta Catherine Chun-Li Futaba Sakura Gum Hanako Ikezawa Hat Kid Juri Han Kumatora Nia Risky Boots Rosalina Sadayo Kawakami Zelda
Round 2 (Top 64) Adeleine Arcueid Brunestud Aya Brea Blaze the Cat Cacodemon Camilla Charlotte Aulin Chie Satonaka Chu Chu Claire Redfield Coco Bandicoot Curly Brace Princess Daisy Edea Lee Hsien-Ko Isabelle Karin Kanzuki Kyoko Linkle Lucina Lyn Menat Poison Rouge the Bat Sakura Kasugano Sakuya Izayoi Squigly Tae Takemi Terra Branford Terry Bogard ♀ Tracer Yuffie Kisaragi
Round 1 (Top 128) Aerith Gainsborough Alice (SMT) Alicia Claus Aloy Ashelin Praxis Bernadetta von Varley Cadence Cammy White Celes Chere Celica Cirno Captain Syrup Princess Daphne Dark Samus D.Va Edea Kramer Ellie Emerald Herald Emi Ibarazaki Faris Scherwiz Felicia Commander Shepard ♀ Flonne Garnet Til Alexandros XVII Hinoka Jade Junko Enoshima Kazooie Kid Lady Lammy Lara Croft Leona Lilith Lilly Satou Lucca Madotsuki Marianne von Edmund Marina Liteyears Megumi Min Min Mipha Misako Monika Ms. Fortune Ms. Pac Man Natsuki Neptune NiGHTS Nikki Pikachu Libre Plague Doctor Purple Puffle Rin Tezuka Rise Kujikawa Sable Saori Nako Sophia Esteed Susie Taokaka Tristana Ulala Undyne Xion
Excluded by Series Limit Template:Nanako
Did not qualify 2BTemplate:Ajna Marisa KirisameTemplate:Sayori
Queen of /v/ 2020
Finalists Reimu Hakurei • 2nd Tifa Lockhart
Semi-finalists 3rd Amaterasu • 4th 2B
Quarter-finalists 5th Cirno • 6th Chun-Li • 7th Morrigan • 8th Aigis
Round 4 (Top 16) Cammy White Cynthia Hilda Mia Fey Palutena Rosalina Tron Bonne Zelda
Round 3 (Top 32) YoRHa Type A No. 2 Ada Wong Ashley Bayonetta Chie Satonaka Curly Brace Princess Daisy Filia Gardevoir Hornet Inkling Kat Lucifer Malon May Sakura Kasugano
Round 2 (Top 64) Aerith Gainsborough Amy Rose Android 21 Catherine Cerberus Chell Chiaki Nanami Claire Redfield Coco Bandicoot Dark Samus Epona Felicia Fire Keeper Franziska von Karma Gebura Heather Mason Jill Valentine Juri Han Lady Maria Lucina Mai Shiranui Maiden in Black Mipha Mythra Naoto Shirogane Plain Doll Pyra Risky Boots Rouge the Bat Sorceress Tharja The Boss
Round 1 (Top 128) Adeleine Alice (SMT) Alyx Vance Angela Ankha Arle Ayla Beatrice Binah Blaze the Cat Callie Cortana Dorothy Elizabeth Elizabeth Eri Kasamoto Etna Gruntilda Gum Hat Kid Illyasviel von Einzbern Isabelle Ivy Valentine Jill Stingray Judgement (Helltaker) Junko Enoshima Justice Kaine Kumatora Kyoko Kirigiri Lady Lara Croft Lucca Lyn Mama Marie Marina Marisa Kirisame May (Guilty Gear) Mei Min Min Misery Monika Ms. Fortune Ms. Pac Man Muffet Nia Nico Goldstein Nobeta Nurse Pauline Peacock Reporter Rottytops SHODAN Splash Woman Sue Sakamoto Susie Tali'Zorah nar Rayya Taokaka Trish Twintelle Vibri Zoey
Excluded by Series Limit Dawn Futaba SakuraTemplate:Haru p5Template:ImpaTemplate:LusamineTemplate:MakotoTemplate:MarnieTemplate:NessaTemplate:Panther p5 Sadayo KawakamiTemplate:SerenaTemplate:UrbosaTemplate:VaporeonTemplate:Yukari p3
Did not qualify Alice AlipheeseTemplate:Aqua Ashley Graham Bad Girl Buddy CamillaTemplate:Clem Captain SyrupTemplate:Eliza sg EllieTemplate:Eva mg Hanako IkezawaTemplate:Ibuki Jack-O' Valentine Jade KOS-MOSTemplate:Lammy lamb MadotsukiTemplate:MarleTemplate:Maya p2Template:Medli Megumi Mei LingTemplate:Mika Mileena Morrigan AenslandTemplate:Parasoul PoisonTemplate:Queen HatredTemplate:Reisen Saber Sable Sakuya IzayoiTemplate:Saria Susie Tae Takemi Temmie TracerTemplate:Vivan j Witch Xion
Queen of /v/ 2021
Finalists Recette • 2nd Madotsuki
Semi-finalists 3rd Marisa Kirisame • 4th Roll
Quarter-finalists 5th Alice • 6th Curly Brace • 7th Fio Germi • 8th Shantae
Round 4 (Top 16) Ashley Bayonetta Ebony & Ivory Fire Keeper Franziska von Karma Gebura Hornet Tron Bonne
Round 3 (Top 32) 5-Volt Cerberus Chie Satonaka Cynthia Flandre Scarlet GLaDOS Hex Maniac Justice Lucifer Mai Shiranui Palutena Plain Doll Rosalina Sorceress The Boss Zelda
Round 2 (Top 64) Alice (SMT) Alice (AliceSoft) Angela Ankha Beatrice Chell Dark Samus Dawn Etna Filia Gruntilda Illyasviel von Einzbern Jack-O' Valentine Kat Kazooie Lady Maria Marie Marina Maya Fey Midna Muffet Naoto Shirogane Neco-Arc Nia Nobeta Princess Peach Plague Doctor Ramlethal Valentine Remilia Scarlet Susie Taokaka Yuffie Kisaragi
Round 1 (Top 128) Ada Wong Adeleine Alice Liddell Amy Rose Android 21 Arcueid Brunestud Ayla Bernadetta von Varley Binah Blaze the Cat Callie Cammy White Chiaki Nanami Coco Bandicoot Princess Daisy Dorothy Elizabeth Elizabeth Eri Kasamoto Fang Felicia Girlfriend Gwynevere Hat Kid Io Isabelle Jill Stingray Jill Valentine Juri Han Kaine KOS-MOS Kumatora Lady Bow Lady Lady Dimitrescu Lain Iwakura Lilith Malon Mei Mercy Mia Fey Mistral Mona Monika Ms. Pac Man Miss Pauling Mythra Peacock Pixie Pyra Queen Risky Boots Rottytops Rouge the Bat Reisalin Stout Saber Spooky Sue Sakamoto Tali'Zorah nar Rayya Viper Vivian Wii Fit Trainer Witch Zoey
Excluded by Series Limit
Did not qualify
Queen of /v/ 2023
Finalists Curly Brace • 2nd Amaterasu
Semi-finalists 3rd Roll • 4th Bayonetta
Quarter-finalists 5th Malon • 6th Fio Germi • 7th Ashley Graham • 8th Taokaka
Round 4 (Top 16) 2B Cammy White Cirno Hatsune Miku Muffet Neco-Arc Palutena Tifa Lockhart
Round 3 (Top 32) 5-Volt Alice Alice (AliceSoft) Baba Beatrice Buddy Chell Felicia JPEG Dog Junko Enoshima Miss Pauling Plague Doctor Plain Doll Risky Boots Shantae Tron Bonne
Round 2 (Top 64) YoRHa Type A No. 2 Ada Wong Alyx Vance Baiken Beelzebub Betila Binah Callie Crossbreed Priscilla Filia Gardevoir Goombella Hat Kid Hex Maniac Illyasviel von Einzbern Jill Valentine Kat Lilith Marie Marina Princess Peach Queen Ripple Red Hood Roll Caskett Rosalina Rosa Rottytops Rouge the Bat SHODAN The Boss The Princess Zoey
Round 1 (Top 128) 808 Adeleine Aigis AK-12 Alice Margatroid Alice Liddell Alice (SMT) Amy Rose Angela Ankha Ashley Graves Blaze the Cat Cacodemon Cala Maria Cheshire Cat Chun-Li Coco Bandicoot Cooking Mama Dark Samus Essex Etna Fang Fire Keeper Franziska von Karma Gebura Glamrock Chica Gruntilda Gwynevere Ib Isabelle Jack-O' Valentine Jill Stingray Justice Kazooie Krystal Kumatora Lady Lady Maria Lucifer Lusty Argonian Maid Madotsuki Mari Melina Mia Fey Monika Natsuki Nobeta Noelle Holiday Paula Peacock Pixie Queen Rika Furude Roxanne Wolf Scout's Mom Sunflower Susie Temmie The Grandma Toy Chica Vault Girl Vibri Yuri Zelda
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Did not qualify
Queen of /v/
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