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Roll is a character from Capcom's Mega Man franchise. She is a humanoid robot built by the human scientist Dr. Light to serve in housekeeping. Roll is also the "younger sister" of Mega Man; together they are named after the music genre rock n' roll (Mega Man is named Rockman in Japanese).

Initially a non-playable supporting character, Roll has since become the most popular Mega Man female because of her consistent appearances in many installments, and the series' relatively low number of female characters. Her likeness is also used in other Mega Man alternative universe games Battle Network (Roll.EXE) and Legends (Roll Caskett). Furthermore, the robot has appeared as a playable character in multiple games, most notably in crossovers such as the vs. Capcom series.

Tournament History[edit]

Roll has enjoyed substantial success as a participant in the Queen of /v/ tournaments, being one of the few characters who can claim to not only have a perfect Elite Eight attendance record, but also whose performance has seen paulatine improvement through years of participation. As part of the original 2019 Elite Eight, Roll has gone from merely ranking 8th place after narrowly losing to Maya Fey in Quarter-finals, to getting the bronze in her latest tournament run and having only lost to eventual champion and fellow gynoid Curly Brace.

The Queen of /v/ 2023 tournament would signify a shake up from her usual thread presence. One of her campaigners would become particularly memorable for making several comics of Roll fighting different opponents that accurately emulated the classic games' NES style. She also had a major involvement in one storyline arc centered around SHODAN's run in the Loser's Bracket.

While arguably one of the strongest characters across the four main board tournaments overall, Roll has faced some scrutiny as a recurring contestant - either from people dissatisfied with how other Mega Man characters have fared in comparison to her, or just the shared notion most of her support and votes stem from lolicons rather than genuine fans of the series and character. Despite undeniably being a strong contestant, it remains to be seen if Roll truly has what it takes to eventually win a Queen of /v/ tournament.

Roll will be eligible to compete again for Queen of /v/ 2025.


Queen of /v/
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
2019 - Unseeded
Round 1 Celes Chere Final Fantasy 112 - 44 71.8%
Round 2 Lyn Fire Emblem 157 - 143 52.3%
Round 3 Risky Boots Shantae 142 - 137 50.9%
Round 4 Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy 157 - 142 52.5%
Quarterfinals Maya Fey Ace Attorney 153 - 155 49.7%
5th-8th Match Result
Contestant 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
GLaDOS (5th) 87* 66 51 94 298
Shantae (6th) 76 88 73 61
Princess Peach (7th) 67 79 85 67
Roll (8th) 76 59 80 83
2021 - seed 6
Round 1 (123) Ayla Chrono Trigger 544 - 480 53.1%
Round 2 (70) Ramlethal Valentine Guilty Gear 739 - 496 59.8%
Round 3 (27) Plain Doll Bloodborne 687 - 525 56.7%
Round 4 (43) Fire Keeper Dark Souls 567 - 565 50.1%
Quarterfinals (19) Alice Black Souls 753 - 726 50.9%
Semi-finals (31) Madotsuki Yume Nikki 515 - 743 40.9%
3rd Place Match (4) Marisa Kirisame Touhou 539 - 592 47.6%
2023 - seed 68
Round 1 (18) Roxanne Wolf Five Nights at Freddy's 764 - 341 59.1%
Round 2 (23) SHODAN System Shock 606 - 572 51.4%
Round 3 (9) Shantae Shantae 576 - 546 51.3%
Round 4 (21) Hatsune Miku VOCALOID 582 - 570 50.5%
Quarterfinals (29) Fio Germi Metal Slug 549 - 483 53.2%
Semi-finals (12) Curly Brace Cave Story 403 - 602 40.1%
3rd Place Match (3) Bayonetta Bayonetta 580 - 517 52.9%


Queen of /v/
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