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Mari is a character from the RPG Maker game OMORI. She is the older sister of the game's main character and regularly appears throughout the game's areas holding picnics where she gives guidance and a place for the player to heal and save. She is a central figure in the game's story, with much of its overarching plotline revolving around her and her connection to the protagonist.

Tournament History[edit]

Despite the largely mixed reception of OMORI on /v/, Mari is generally seen as one of the game's more favorable elements and thus she was able to qualify for Queen of /v/ 2022. She was matched up in round 1 against meme pick AK-12, who many thought likely to sweep due to the notoriety of the Vidya Butts spam which was especially prevalent at the time on /v/. However through a combination of taking up the torch of janny hate and assposting, strong campaigning and OC, and rallying the support of other RPG Maker picks by inviting them to her picnic (except for Batter who became her enemy due to her status as a spectre), she was able to narrowly able to prevent a Vidya Butts sweep in favor of a Mari Sweep. In round 2 she would face off against Princess Peach, with a Bossman Hero poster supporting her by giving out contracts to anons in exchange for votes for Mari. However she ended up getting cucked by faulty contracts and was defeated by the Nintendo icon.

Mari would return in 2023 where she barely managed to qualify as the 125th seed with 78/77 of the required votes needed to place in the 128. Round 1 would see her in a "calamari" match against Callie from Splatoon, which she would lose despite a sizable campaigning presence. However she would go on to have a well supported run in the coper's bracket, receiving various pieces of fanart, videos, and even an AMV dedicated to her run. Most notably she would face off against Princess Peach in a grudge match and emerge victorious, afterwards having Peach's power bestowed upon her and going on to win matches in the loser's brackets until the Quarterfinals, where she would be defeated by Madotsuki in a 4-way and go on to give her support to her victorious opponent as well as Alice as part of her pact with other RPG Maker girls in the tournament.


Queen of /v/
2022 - seed 102
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (27) AK-12 Girls' Frontline 838 - 810 50.8%
Round 2 (38) Princess Peach Mario 640 - 866 42.5%
2023 - seed 125
Round 1 (118) Callie Splatoon 539 - 566 48.8%


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