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Illyasviel von Einzbern, or Illya for short, is a character from Type-Moon's Fate franchise. In the original 2004 visual novel Fate/stay night, Illya is depicted as a young girl who fights in the Fifth Holy Grail War, commanding the Berserker Servant Heracles, a statue-like hulking beast of a human clutching a massive blade. Her capricious personality and Heracles' strength make them an extremely threatening duo to the player character Shirou Emiya. Later in the story, Illya is revealed to be a homunculus (artificial human), and has a significant connection to the Holy Grail.

Illya also appears in the game's "Tiger Dojo" segment alongside Taiga Fujimura, where she is depicted wearing her gym bloomers, as both girls roast the player after Shirou dies one of his many deaths in the story.

Besides the original VN, Illya has appeared in many, many more Fate installments, most notably starring as the titular protagonist of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, a lighter magical girl-themed spinoff manga that is probably most famous for its hot loli make-out sessions between she, Chloe von Einzbern, and Miyu Edelfelt, under the justification of "mana transfer".

Tournament history[edit]

Although Illya is more commonly seen as an /a/nime character, being one of its most famous lolis of all time, she has become a mainstay on the Queen of /v/ tournament. Debuting in 2020, the young-looking Master has made quite a reputation for sneaking into Round 2 by eliminating vocally-supported and/or controversial characters. She earned her first win in 2021 by upsetting the #5 seeded Fang, a non-binary character who was nominated from a full-fledged, anon-created, visual novel fangame. In 2022 she defeated Project Moon character Binah by 2 votes. Then in 2023 she knocked out Ashley Graves, an incestuous murderous cannibal goth sister from a flavour-of-the-month indie horror game.

Match history[edit]

Queen of /v/ 2020 - seed 87 (76 votes)
Round 1 (42) Inkling @ Splatoon 359 - 507

Queen of /v/ 2021 - seed 124 (92 votes)
Round 1 (5) Fang @ Goodbye Volcano High 520 - 504

Round 2 (60) Ashley @ Wario 481 - 754

Queen of /v/ 2022 - seed 86 (176 votes)
Round 1 (43) Binah @ L Corp 825 - 823

Round 2 (22) Plain Doll @ Bloodborne 637 - 869

Queen of /v/ 2023 - Nominations: 127th (77 votes)
Round 1 Ashley Graves @ The Coffin of Andy and Leyley 569 - 536

Round 2 Alice @ Black Souls 543 - 725



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