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Julianne Natalie Stingray is the protagonist of Va-11 Hall-A, a video game created by Venezuelan developer Sukeban Games. Nicknamed Jill for short, she is a bisexual bartender who works in the titular bar located near the slums of the dystopian Glitch City. Jill dislikes being called by her full name, preferring to be called by her nickname instead.

The game is presented in a visual novel style where Jill talks with the bar's customers, who will request drinks from time to time that the player must satisfy. Each drink is composed of different ingredients, type ("on the rocks" or aged), and mixing time (either less or more than 5 seconds). Customers may also request "Small" or "Big" drinks; big means that the player must double the amount of ingredients.

Outside of the game, Jill has been featured in a 2019 collaboration with the Chinese mobile gacha game Girls' Frontline as one of the series' playable characters.

Tournament History[edit]

As the protagonist of a well-received indie game, Jill established herself as a regular competitor in the Queen of /v/ tournament. She made a decent run in the inaugural 2019 edition where she reached the fourth round, but lost out on an elite eight spot to GLaDOS.

The bartender is yet to replicate this result ever since; in Queen of /v/ 2020 she was seeded badly at #122 and lost to Chun-Li in round 1. Jill's seed improved to #30 in 2021 but was narrowly eliminated by 8 votes to Helltaker's Cerberus. She returned in Queen of /v/ 2022 but fared no better; in fact she fared the exact same, losing yet again in the first round by the same 8 vote difference.


Queen of /v/
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
2019 - unseeded
Round 1 Aloy Horizon 136 - 16 89.47%
Round 2 Terra Branford Final Fantasy 184 - 118 60.93%
Round 3 Gum Jet Set Radio 152 - 115 56.93%
Round 4 GLaDOS Portal 133 - 162 45.08%
2020 - seed 122
Round 1 (7) Chun-Li Street Fighter 357 - 509 41.22%
2021 - seed 30
Round 1 (99) Cerberus Helltaker 508 - 516 49.61%
2022 - seed 36
Round 1 (93) Sorceress Dragon's Crown 820 - 828 49.75%
2023 - seed 62
Round 1 (78) The Boss Metal Gear Solid 528 - 577 47.8%


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