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Waluigi is a character from Nintendo’s Mario series who is the lanky partner of Wario and the vindictive rival of Luigi. While he had never made an actual appearance in a mainline Mario game or any Wario games, he has been a mainstay in the series’ spin-off titles after making his debut in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64, where he was created for the purpose of giving Wario a tennis partner. He has since become a fan favorite and the subject of many memes, including jokes where he always gets snubbed out of a roster spot in Super Smash Bros. due to his frequent appearances as an Assist Trophy starting from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Similarly to how Waluigi is known largely for his appearance in Mario spin-offs rather than the main series, Waluigi appears as a much more successful tournament contender in the side tournaments rather than the main King of /v/ tournaments; Waluigi earned his first victory in the /cov/ tournament alongside Dick Dastardly.

Tournament History[edit]

King of /v/[edit]

Waluigi first qualified for King of /v/ 2020 as the 104th seed where he proceeded to job round 1 to Carl “CJ” Johnson. Waluigi tried his luck again in 2021 and made it to the bracket as the 65th seed, only to job round 1 again to Tohru Adachi from Persona 4. Waluigi had enough votes needed to qualify for 2022 but fell victim to the series limit due to Luigi, Mario, and Bowser having more votes than him. After close consideration that resulted in Waluigi technically falling under the spin-off clause due to his exclusive appearances in the Mario spin-off titles, Waluigi was once again able to qualify for 2023 as the 89th seed. This ultimately did nothing to help his perceived “jobber” status as he once again fell in round 1 to Big Smoke by 14 votes, notably the 2nd character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to beat Waluigi after CJ.

Whether Waluigi’s spin-off clause will stick and if he'll get past round 1 will be determined in King of /v/ 2024.


Waluigi’s second chance to make a name for himself occurred when he teamed up with Wario to form the “Partners in Crime” for Co-op 2023. They’ve had a considerable amount of pre-tournament hype to the point where they’ve gotten the 1st seed. Despite this, they would shockingly lose round 1 to Ñeo, a joke team consisting of Dr. Neo Cortex and N from Pokémon Black and White, by a single vote.

This setback did not faze the duo at all, as they returned in Co-op 2024 as the top seed once again. Now armed with a strengthened campaign, the duo would blaze through their opponents all the way to the finals. They would ultimately be defeated in the final round by the Knockout Kings (Little Mac and Doc Louis) in a surprising blowout. As runner-ups, Wario and Waluigi will have to sit the next year out together.


Waluigi returned with a vengeance when he made the top seed in the /cov/ tournament alongside fellow mischievous moustache twirler Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races under the name “Dastardly Duo”, owing to their similarities and tendency for their evil schemes to backfire on them. In the tournament, they mostly breezed through their competition, with their closest match being against Spider-Stalkers (Spider-Man and Morrigan Aensland) at 53%. Their last match was against The Mutineers (John Silver and Erika Furudo), which the Dastardly Duo won by 66.3% of the vote. It was this victory that made Waluigi the first Mario character to win any tournament, notably achieving this goal before Mario, Luigi, and Wario.

Ironically, the Dastardly Duo have previously qualified for the now-disregarded /co/-/v/ Power Hour that happened in 2022, where they got 8th place in the Elite Eight in contrast to their proper victory in 2024.


King of /v/[edit]

  • 2022 - 164/122 votes (seed 57) [BARRED BY 3 PER CHARACTER SERIES LIMIT]
King of /v/
2020 - seed 104
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (25) CJ Grand Theft Auto 591 - 1017 36.8%
2021 - seed 65
Round 1 (64) Tohru Adachi Persona 4 480 - 679 41.4%
2023 - seed 89
Round 1 (69) Big Smoke Grand Theft Auto 347 - 361 49.0%


2023: Wario / Waluigi - Partners in Crime (seed 1)
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Ñeo Ñ / Neo Cortex Crash Bandicoot / Pokemon 49.6%
2024: Wario / Waluigi - Partners in Crime (seed 1)
Round 1 Bubble Bobble Bub / Bob Bubble Bobble 74.8%
Round 2 The Jack Bros Jack Frost / Jack Garland SMT / Final Fantasy 62.0%
Round 3 Arby 'n' The Chief Master Chief / Arbiter Halo 81.7%
Round 4 UBER Duo Heavy / Medic Team Fortress 2 78.6%
Quarterfinals Wright and Co. Law Offices Phoenix Wright / Maya Fey Ace Attorney 70.1%
Semi-finals The Super Mario Brothers Mario / Luigi Super Mario 61.5%
Finals Knockout Kings Little Mac / Doc Louis Punch-Out!!! 23.0%


2024: Waluigi / Dick Dastardly - Dastardly Duo (seed 1)
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 John 8:24 Joshua Graham / Angel Gabby Fallout / Angel Hare 77.5%
Round 2 Heroes vs the World Scott Pilgrim / Travis Touchdown Scott Pilgrim / No More Heroes 59.3%
Round 3 Spider-Stalkers Spider-Man / Morrigan Aensland Spider-Man / Darkstalkers 53.0%
Round 4 Damn Mama Duke Nukem / Johnny Bravo Duke Nukem / Johnny Bravo 67.4%
Quarterfinals Green with Fright Luigi / Shaggy Mario / Scooby-Doo 77.0%
Semi-finals Sexy Silent Swordmasters Samurai Jack / Geralt of Rivia Samurai Jack / The Witcher 70.1%
Finals The Mutineers Captain Silver / Erika Furudo Treasure Planet / Umineko When They Cry 66.3%


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