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King Boo is the main antagonist of the Luigi's Mansion series and the nemesis of Luigi. He also cameos in other Mario games such as Mario Kart and the DS remake of Super Mario 64.

Tournament History[edit]

Though King Boo never qualified until 2023, prior to that year's event he had already become an infamous figure in tournament lore, with the shitposts surrounding him aiding in his qualification. These shitposts involved King Boo assuming a heel persona in posts wherein he would attempt to punch above his weight, insulting characters such as Batter and attempting to frame Luigi as a cuckold, which would often prompt Doomguy to step in and put King SISSY in his place. King Boo would also make an attempt at many GETs, however most of these attempts either failed or would be immediately reversed by another post's GET, which usually resulted in him getting raped or otherwise humiliated.

In the early rounds of 2023, King Boo became a rather infamous jobber. Once the qualifier results dropped he was initially just barely made it into the 128, but was shortly removed thereafter when the hosts removed characters affected by the 2-per Elite Eight series rule who had mistakenly been left in. This caused King Boo to become a punching bag as he had gotten cocky about getting to qualify, with nearly the entire thread coming together to laugh at "KWABoo" as he became known.

Though King Boo was reinstated back into the 128 when the hosts realized he was a Mario spin-off character and not a mainline Mario character, his KWAB reputation followed him into the main tournament where he promptly jobbed round 1 to Kefka and the ensuing Loser's Bracket round to Anon, leaving him as a winless bitch for the year.


King of /v/
2023 - seed 127
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (106) Kefka Final Fantasy 317 - 391 44.8%


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