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Yugi Muto is the protagonist of the manga and anime series Yu-Gi-Oh. A teenager who ends up solving the Millennium Puzzle, he is possessed by the dark spirit Yami Yugi. As Yami Yugi, he battles people in games and usually wins. Also known as the King of GETs.

Tournament History[edit]

Yugi was first nominated in 2022 due to a new rule allowing three non-vidya characters to make the bracket. Despite not qualifying, Yugi became one of the most notable characters in the tournament due to a running joke where he constantly missed GETs, usually just by one digit too, to add insult to the injury. Through these missed GETs and some successful GETs by other anons, the following happened:

  • Yugi got raped by Grimm
  • Yugi got locked up in Grimm's rape dungeon
  • Grimm turned Yugi into a woman and made him wear a dress
  • Grimm raped him even more
  • Jesus Christ he's still getting raped to this day
  • Escaped the rape dungeon
  • Got pulled back into the rape dungeon
  • Is now pregnant with Grimm's child

Some other notable happenings include Yugi getting taunted by Yogi Bear, Ranger Smith trying to capture Yogi Bear, and a four-way wrestling match between Yugi, Grimm, Rance, and Battler Ushiromiya, which Yugi actually won.

In King of /v/ 2023 Yugi was nominated, but no GETs could save him from being listed as a banned character shortly after his nomination. Yugi's future in the tournaments is unknown, but it can be presumed at present that he is SHIT and FINISHED.


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