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Miles Edgeworth, known as Reiji Mitsurugi in Japan, is a main character in the Ace Attorney series of adventure games by Capcom, as well as the protagonist of its spin-off series Ace Attorney Investigations. Starting out as a rival to Phoenix Wright, he has later become an ally and developed a more friendly rivalry with Wright. He is a cold-hearted perfectionist who loves to update autopsy reports and is also a furfag.

Despite not having met the same successes as his canon rival, Edgeworth is a recurring participant who is notable for his appearances in several role-play storylines. His best result in a King of /v/ tournament to this day remains in his 2020 debut run, where he placed 7th.

Tournament History[edit]

King of /v/[edit]

Edgeworth made his debut in 2020, and did great for his first time in, making his way to quarter-finals before narrowly losing to fellow Capcom representative Vergil. He placed 7th in the 5th-8th consolation match.

2022 wasn't so kind to Edgeworth. He went up against returning 2020 Elite Eight member Jetstream Sam in round 2, losing hard, which disappointed him greatly as he was hoping to have a match against a furry. Luckily, in the 256 bracket, he got his wish as he had sex with Ridley from Metroid for three rounds straight. Potraying Edgeworth as a furry had grown into a recurring gag stemming from a shitpost made at the beginning of Mr. /co/ 2022, in which an avatarfag of Miles would react with interest to campaign posts related to promoting anthro characters[1].

2023 would prove to be a more eventful year for the prosecutor. To the surprise of many anons, he would be the one to snatch the 1st seed position this year, in contrast to the usual expected suspects. Some attributed his #1 seed to a contract he signed with Bossman Hero during the qualifiers involving having votes rigged for Edgeworth. With more eyes on him this time, Edgeworth was able to take on the silent but deadly Heavy in round 1 and even win back his grudge match with Vergil from 2020, although his most memorable moment this year would be a round 2 encounter with the infamous Battler Ushiromiya, a matchup which by the way he would end up winning by a single vote difference after a series of heated chess matches. Edgeworth's run this year would come to an end by bowing out to fan favorite John Ward at the gates of Elite Eight.


Outside of his role in the King of /v/ tournaments, Edgeworth has appeared in Co-op 2023 on a team with Phoenix Wright. Together they made it to semi-finals before losing to eventual champions, Roxanne Wolf and Glamrock Chica. They placed 3rd after beating Erika Furudo and Dlanor A. Knox in the 3rd place match. Edgeworth's love of furries was a lot more apparent during this tournament, as he had sex with Tails and Roxanne Wolf in the middle of the courtroom. His fetishes also became more degenerate as the tournament progressed, which lead to him fucking Philemon in his butterfly form and willingly going to Erika's Rape Cathedral. He was put on trial by the von Karmas for his fetishes, and was found not guilty, despite everyone knowing his fetishes.


King of /v/
2020 - Seed 7
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (122) KK Slider Animal Crossing 1230 - 378 76.5%
Round 2 (71) Lvl 1 Crook Mafia City 810 - 352 69.7%
Round 3 (39) Luigi Super Mario 617 - 529 53.8%
Round 4 (23) Goro Majima Like a Dragon 670 - 645 51.0%
Quarterfinals (2) Vergil Devil May Cry 755 - 774 49.4%
Contestant Series 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
(4) JC Denton Deus Ex 460 485 420 271 1636
(11) Jetstream Sam Metal Gear 442 402 402 390
(7) Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney 372 382 447 435
(8) Scout Team Fortress 2 362 367 367 540
2022 - Seed 6
Round 1 (36) Harry Du Bois Disco Elysium 732 - 501 59.4%
Round 2 (19) Jetstream Sam Metal Gear 605 - 790 43.3%
2023 - Seed 1
Round 1 (36) Heavy Team Fortress 2 378 - 330 55.4%
Round 2 (19) Battler Ushiromiya Umineko No Naku Koro Ni 368 - 367 50.1%
Round 3 (19) Vergil Devil May Cry 392 - 301 57.3%
Round 4 (23) John Ward FAITH 265 - 377 43.3%



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  1. - The Miles Edgeworth avatarfag in Mr. /co/ 2022.


King of /v/ 2020
Finalists Dante • 2nd Raiden
Semi-finalists 3rd Travis Touchdown • 4th Vergil
Quarter-finalists 5th JC Denton • 6th Jetstream Sam • 7th Miles Edgeworth • 8th Scout
Round 4 (Top 16) Dr. Eggman Regigigas Spy Goro Majima Agent 47 Captain Falcon Soldier Gordon Freeman
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King of /v/ 2022
Finalists Jack Garland • 2nd Jack Frost
Semi-finalists 3rd JC Denton • 4thAM AM
Quarter-finalists 5th Travis Touchdown • 6th Phoenix Wright • 7th Albert Wesker • 8th Luigi
Round 4 (Top 16) Agent 47 Christopher Robin Engineer Mario Pepsiman Simon Belmont Solid Snake Vergil
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Round 4 (Top 16) Isaac Clarke Pepsiman Wario Spy Father Garcia Leon Kennedy Raiden Miles Edgeworth
Round 3 (Top 32) Agent 47 Duke Nukem Gordon Freeman Donkey Kong Postal Dude Giygas Alex Eggleston Geralt Kirby Jacket Dagoth Ur Alucard Big Smoke Charles Peppino Vergil
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