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- Doomguy

Doomguy (originally known as "our hero") is the main protagonist of id Software's DOOM series.

Since its release in 1993, DOOM has gone down in history as being one of the most notable and influential FPS titles of all time. DOOM and its sequel have inspired many "DOOM clones," such as Rise of the Triad, Marathon, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Duke Nukem 3D, and Shadow Warrior. DOOM is also responsible for populating modding thanks to id Software's generosity in giving the community modding tools, and the source code to the DOOM engine, now known as id Tech 1.

The series follows an unnamed marine, most commonly known by the community as Doomguy. After assaulting his commanding officer for refusing to fire upon innocent civilians, Doomguy was dishonorably discharged and then later transferred to the human-made base on Phobos. Unbeknownst to him, the shady conglomerate known as the UAC had been conducting experiments on teleportation, which led to them opening a portal directly to hell. By the time Doomguy reached Phobos, the forces of hell had overrun the entire moon. With nothing but a pistol in his hand and pure rage, he would fight back against the seemingly endless hoard of demons. He would go on to save Earth itself and face various powerful hellspawns, such as the Cyberdemon, the Spider Mastermind, the all-powerful Icon of Sin, the Mother Demon and her twin sister, the Resurrector, and the ruler of hell himself, the Dark Lord.

Reception on /v/[edit]

DOOM has had a massive presence on /v/ and /vr/ since the very early days and is wildly agreed even by the most contrarian of /v/ tards to be one of the best FPS ever made. With this popularity, many mods have come out of 4chan, from the /vr/ collaboration megawads to one of the most notorious mods ever released, Moon Man Doom. But recently, DOOM has fallen out of favor with many anons since DOOM Eternal was released. While the majority of the gaming community has praised Eternal, respective from /v/ tards has been spit. Some enjoyed the puzzle-like combat Eternal brought to the table, while others detested it. Many also hate the more superhero take on Doomguy (Now going by the name the Doom Slayer), with many claiming that it's comparable to "capeshit."

Tournament History[edit]

A question relating to Doomguy losing to Agent 47

King of /v/[edit]

Doomguy's first run in the 2019 tournament was very successful. He curb-stomped almost every opponent he faced. Even heavy hitters like Dante from Devil May Cry and Solid Snake from Metal Gear were no match. But he would end up losing the finals against Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

He would return in 2021 and do relatively well that year, with his most notable matchup being against Kratos, as he destroyed the Ghost of Sparta in the polls by 80% more votes. But his run would end when he faced that year's finalist, Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog, in round 4.

Even since then, he has failed to get past round 2, losing to fan-favorite Jack Garland from Final Fantasy in 2022 and, to the shocks of many anons, to Agent 47 from Hitman in 2023.


In Co-op 2024, he would team up with Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series in quite an impressive run. Going by 'The Slayers', the two would fight to the elite 8. Many believed they would win the entire tournament based on their performance. But to the surprise of everyone, they end up losing to their elite opponents, The Lords of Chaos, Dracula, and Death from the Castlevania series. They would humbly end up taking 5th place.

Doomguy's status[edit]

Despite the popularity of DOOM, Doomguy has had a shakier track record in the tournaments following his initial run. He has only reached the quarter-finals once and lost in round 2 twice in 2 years despite having a really high seed. His track record has baffled many anons. Some speculate that the mixed reception of Doom Eternal on /v/ has damaged Doomguy's reputation. Others claim that he's been extremely unlucky with his matchup. Even with his losing streak, Doomguy is still a fan-favorite amongst the anons. Only time will tell if he can break his losing streak.


King of /v/[edit]

King of /v/
2019 - Unseeded
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 GF Buyer Runescape 252 - 147 63.2%
Round 2 King K Rool Donkey Kong Country 243 - 104 70.0%
Round 3 Mega Man X Mega Man 196 - 79 71.3%
Round 4 Dante Devil May Cry 175 - 138 55.9%
Quarterfinals Solid Snake Metal Gear 146 - 132 52.5%
Semifinals Kazuma Kiryu Like a Dragon 185 - 112 62.3%
Finals Senator Armstrong Metal Gear 465 - 384 45.2%
2021 - Seed 1
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (128) Kratos God of War 928 - 231 80.1%
Round 2 (64) Tohru Adachi Persona 700 - 507 58.0%
Round 3 (33) Dracula Castlevania 680 - 458 59.8%
Round 4 (16) Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog 616 - 840 42.3%
2022 - Seed 1
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (86) Zero Mega Man 837 - 396 67.9%
Round 2 (5) Jack Garland Final Fantasy 665 - 730 47.7%
2023 - Seed 4
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (35) Joshua Graham Fallout 410 - 298 57.9%
Round 2 (15) Agent 47 Hitman 349 - 386 47.5%


Co-op 2024 - Seed 25
2024: Doomguy & Geralt of Rivia - "The Slayers"
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Double Dragons Billy / Jimmy Double Dragons 64.3%
Round 2 Book Burners I.M.Meen / CDI Ganon I.M.Meen / Link:The Faces Of Evil/Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon 66.7%
Round 3 GREATEST SIDEKICKS IN VIDEO GAME HISTORY! Albert Einstein / Launchpad McQuack Command & Conquer / Ducktales NES 75.8%
Round 4 Kings of the Ring King / Armor King Tekken 65%
Quarter-Finals Lords of Chaos Dracula / Death Castlevania 46.4%
5th - 8th 5th: The Slayers
6th: Wright and Co. Law Offices
7th: Army of Two
8th: Final Destination
Doomguy / Geralt of Rivia
Phoenix Wright / Maya Fey
Maj. Marco Rossi / Cpt. Tarma Roving
Master Hand / Crazy Hand
DOOM / The Witcher
Ace Attorney
Metal Slug
Super Smash Bros
5th place


King of /v/ 2019
Finalists Senator Armstrong • 2nd Doomguy
Semi-finalists 3rd Kazuma Kiryu • 4th Phoenix Wright
Quarter-finalists 5th Solid Snake • 6th Heavy • 7th Duke Nukem • 8th Wario
Round 4 (Top 16) Bowser Dante Funky Kong Gordon Freeman JC Denton Jack Frost Leon Kennedy Scout
Round 3 (Top 32) Alien (Alien Hominid) Doc Louis Dr. Eggman Earthworm Jim Geese Howard Gene Godot Kyle Hyde King Of All Cosmos Kirby Luigi Mega Man X Priest Rance Richter Belmont Travis Touchdown
Round 2 (Top 64) Arthas Arthur Morgan Asura Bridget Captain Falcon CJ Chief Dagoth Ur Dynamo (Mega Man) Easy Pete Emil (Nier) Ezio Auditore da Firenze Fargoth Fox McCloud Francis York Morgan Gex Isaac King K Rool Kratos Link Marco Rossi Nagito Komaeda Nero Proto Man Scorpion Sissel Sol Badguy Sub-zero Subject Delta Super Macho Man Vulpes Inculta X-Com Guy
Round 1 (Top 128) 9-Volt Adol Christin Albert Wesker Banjo Battler Ushiromiya Caim (Drakengard) Dad (Dad n' me) Dutch Van Der Linde Eddie Riggs GF Buyer Geno Goose (Untitled Goose Game) Goro Majima Guile Hifumi Yamada Jak James Earl Cash Ren Amamiya Kain Ken Masters Kenji Setou King Kiwi The Bard Knight Lautrec of Carim Larry Foulke Louie Lucio Luka Main Character (My Friend Pedro) Marche Metal Sonic Mettaton Mr. Game & Watch Neku Sakuraba Ness Orionos Phantom R Pit Plague Knight Professor Layton Quote Ralsei Raziel Rean Schwarzer Ridley Robloxian Ryu Hayabusa Sigurd (Fire Emblem) Sir Daniel Fortesque Sora Spectre Knight Steve Sweet Tooth Terry Bogard The Warlock Tingle Vivi Walter (SMT) Walter Bennet Wheatley Wise Old Man Y.V Yoyo Yu Narukami
Excluded by Series Limit Template:Gray Fox Big BossTemplate:King Harkinian Vergil SansTemplate:Makoto Yuki "Fuhrer"
Did not qualify Not Important JPEG DogTemplate:Sho MinamimotoTemplate:KlonoaTemplate:Gilgamesh (Fate)Template:Dimitri Aleixandre BlaiddydTemplate:Goemon
King of /v/ 2021
Finalists The Batter • 2nd Dr. Eggman
Semi-finalists 3rd Kazuma Kiryu • 4th Morshu
Quarter-finalists 5th Wario • 6th Leon Kennedy • 7th Heavy • 8th Nyarlathotep
Round 4 (Top 16) AM AM Brad Armstrong Charles Doomguy Kirby Phoenix Wright Solid Snake Spamton
Round 3 (Top 32) Agent 47 Albert Wesker Big Boss Demi-fiend Dracula Duke Nukem Garland Godot Goro Majima Jack Frost King Dedede Max Payne Rance Revolver Ocelot Solaire Soldier
Round 2 (Top 64) Alucard Asura Baba Big Daddy Big Smoke Captain Falcon CJ Cave Johnson Chaos Chief Chris Redfield Coach Donkey Kong Dick Gumshoe G-Man Gordon Freeman Grimm Isaac Clarke Luigi Meta Knight Neo Cortex Nero Niko Bellic Not Important Pepsiman Postal Dude Regigigas Ridley Sekiro Simon Belmont Spy Tohru Adachi
Round 1 (Top 128) 9S Adam Jensen Alex Eggleston Ancestor Artorias Ayin Banjo Battler Ushiromiya Bowser Conker Crash Bandicoot Cuphead Dagoth UrTemplate:Daisaku Kuze Dark Sun Gwyndolin Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd Francis Frank West Frog Funky KongTemplate:Ganondorf Gene Gex Handsome Jack Harry Du Bois Helltaker Henry Stickmin Impostor Jevil Joshua Graham King Dice King K RoolTemplate:King of All Cosmos Kratos Link Ludwig Mega Man Missile Mothman Mr. Game & Watch Mr House Nick Papa Nier Pyramid Head Quote Rando Armstrong Raven Beak Reynauld Roland Ryu Hayabusa Sephiroth Shadow The Hedgehog Sissel Sol Badguy Sonic the Hedgehog Starwalker Steve Strelok Terry Bogard The Hunter The Knight Tom Nook Waluigi Zagreus
Excluded by Series Limit EngineerTemplate:Medic (TF2) SundownerTemplate:Demoman (TF2)Template:Sniper (TF2)Template:Saxton Hale SansTemplate:Kris DreemurTemplate:Pyro (TF2)Template:BerdleyTemplate:Monsoon (Metal Gear)Template:Merchant (Resident Evil)Template:LancerTemplate:PapyrusTemplate:Kazuhira MillerTemplate:Ethan WintersTemplate:Annoying Dog HUNK Ichiban KasugaTemplate:Louis (L4D)Template:MettatonTemplate:Rouxls Kaard Mario GrooseTemplate:Matador (SMT)Template:Blade Wolf (Metal Gear)
Did not qualify Template:Nahobino Ralsei IsaacTemplate:Dismas Plague KnightTemplate:Argalia Parappa Bomberman Giygas Lucas
King of /v/ 2022
Finalists Jack Garland • 2nd Jack Frost
Semi-finalists 3rd JC Denton • 4thAM AM
Quarter-finalists 5th Travis Touchdown • 6th Phoenix Wright • 7th Albert Wesker • 8th Luigi
Round 4 (Top 16) Agent 47 Christopher Robin Engineer Mario Pepsiman Simon Belmont Solid Snake Vergil
Round 3 (Top 32) Asura Battler Ushiromiya Captain Falcon Chris Redfield Coach Duke Nukem Gordon Freeman Isaac Clarke Isaac Kleiner Jetstream Sam Kirby Link Postal Dude Scout The Knight Tony Hawk
Round 2 (Top 64) Alucard Bomberman Brad Armstrong Charles Chief Cuphead Donkey Kong Doomguy Dung Eater Father Garcia Frog Gabriel Gene Grimm Helltaker John Ward Joshua Graham King Dedede King K Rool King Of All CosmosTemplate:Max (Sam & Max) Mega Man Meta Knight Miles Edgeworth Mr. Game & Watch QuoteTemplate:Sam (Sam & Max) Sans Solaire Spamton Tohru Adachi Wheatley
Round 1 (Top 128) Adam Jensen Alex Eggleston Arbiter Ayin Banjo Big Daddy Bill Bowser CJ Cave Johnson Companion Cube Crash Bandicoot Demi-fiend Dick Gumshoe Dracula Dwarf Earthworm Jim Ellis Emperor of Mankind Frank West Funky Kong G-Man Giygas Goro Majima Groose Harry Du Bois Henry Stickmin Hollow Knight Jacket Jevil Keke Kim Kitsuragi King Dice Lucas Luka Metal Sonic Mike Tyson Mr House N Neo Cortex Nero Ness Niko Bellic Not Important Pac-Man Parappa Patches Pit Rance Rando Armstrong Red Crewmate Regigigas Ridley Roland Sonic the Hedgehog Starscourge Radahn Steve The Hunter Tom Nook V1 Zagreus Zero ???
Excluded by Series Limit Raiden Revolver Ocelot Big Boss SoldierTemplate:Medic (TF2)Template:Demoman (TF2)Template:Sniper (TF2)Template:Saxton Hale SundownerTemplate:Sneed (Mario) Waluigi Shadow The HedgehogTemplate:Liquid SnakeTemplate:OtaconTemplate:Pot of GreedTemplate:King Harkinian IsaacTemplate:Merchant (Resident Evil)Template:Venom Snake GanonTemplate:Mecha SonicTemplate:BerdleyTemplate:Papyrus HUNKTemplate:HideoTemplate:Kris Dreemur Starwalker Lanky KongTemplate:Solidus SnakeTemplate:Kazuhira MillerTemplate:Monsoon (Metal Gear)
Did not qualify Rayman Havel the Rock Ludwig Oersted Lorde The Judge Proto Man Ancestor The Pale King Shovel Knight
King of /v/ 2023
Finalists Grimm • 2nd Dr. Eggman
Semi-finalists 3rd John Ward • 4th Demi-fiend
Quarter-finalists 5th Scout • 6th Solid Snake • 7th Kazuma Kiryu • 8th Rayman
Round 4 (Top 16) Isaac Clarke Pepsiman Wario Spy Father Garcia Leon Kennedy Raiden Miles Edgeworth
Round 3 (Top 32) Agent 47 Duke Nukem Gordon Freeman Donkey Kong Postal Dude Giygas Alex Eggleston Geralt Kirby Jacket Dagoth Ur Alucard Big Smoke Charles Peppino Vergil
Round 2 (Top 64) Adam Jensen Doomguy Quote Dracula Dick Gumshoe Isaac Kleiner William Afton Big Daddy Goro Majima Isaac Roland Sans Max Payne Kefka Hollow Knight Frog Brad Armstrong G-Man Mario Neo Cortex Niko Bellic Chris Redfield X James Sunderland Rance Battler Ushiromiya Link Tohru Adachi Not Important Coach Harry Du Bois
Round 1 (Top 128) Earthworm Jim Red Crewmate Helltaker Joshua Graham King Dice N Sonic the Hedgehog Funky Kong Solaire Bill Icon of Sin Captain Falcon Jevil Nick Pit Shadow The Hedgehog Andrew Graves Shovel Knight Bowser Banjo Bomberman Tom Nook Patches Red Pikmin Kim Kitsuragi Asura Anon Asura King Boo Geno Cuphead Morshu Gex Chief Meta Knight Frank West Mega Man The Nerd Simon Belmont Sephiroth Wheatley Conker Little Mac King Dedede Cave Johnson Dung Eater Ness Crash Bandicoot Johnny Cage Zero Crono Waluigi Fox McCloud King Of All Cosmos CJ Christopher Robin Handsome Jack Nero Ridley Spamton King K Rool Ganon Gene The Hunter Heavy
King of /v/
Tournaments 20192020202120222023
Champions Senator Armstrong Dante The Batter Jack Garland Grimm
Elite Eight
Bold indicates semifinalist status. Bold underlined indicates finishing as runner-up at least once.
AM AM Albert Wesker Demi-fiend Doomguy Duke Nukem Dr. Eggman "Fuhrer" Heavy Jack Frost JC Denton Jetstream Sam John Ward Kazuma Kiryu Leon Kennedy Luigi Miles Edgeworth Morshu Phoenix Wright Raiden Rayman Scout Solid Snake Travis Touchdown Vergil Wario
Qualified Characters
Adam Jensen Agent 47 Ancestor Ayin Baba Banjo Battler Ushiromiya Brad Armstrong Captain Falcon Charles Chris Redfield Christopher Robin CJ Coach Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd Doc Louis Dracula Engineer Frank West Frog Gene Geralt of Rivia Giygas Gordon Freeman Goro Majima Harry Du Bois Hollow Knight Isaac Clarke Isaac Kleiner Jacket James Sunderland Jevil Joshua Graham JPEG Dog Kefka King Boo King Dedede King Of All Cosmos Kirby Little Mac Luka Mario Max Payne Meta Knight Pepsiman Postal Dude Rance Regigigas Revolver Ocelot Ridley Roland Sekiro Soldier Spamton Spy The Hunter The Knight Tohru Adachi Waluigi Zero
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