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Phoenix Wright, known as Ryuichi Naruhodo in Japan, is the main protagonist of Capcom's Ace Attorney series of adventure games. He is a blue-suited lawyer best known for his entertaining courtroom antics like pointing fingers, shouting "OBJECTION!", and slamming desks. Over the course of his legal career, Phoenix became famous for consistently producing miraculous turnabouts befitting of his name, able to bluff and prove his way out of the trickiest of situations in order to defend his clients' innocence, while uncovering the true culprit behind every crime scene.

Wright emerged as a very popular video game character who stands out for his distinct characterization and for being a non-combatant (in a physical sense). As such, he has enjoyed substantial presence in the King of /v/ tournaments, making top four on its very first edition. Despite his popularity however, he isn't really seen by many people as a championship contender, as he's prone to running into unlucky matchups.

Tournament History[edit]

King of /v/[edit]

Phoenix's first appearance was in 2019, where he was a strong contestant, winning most of his matches by good margins and making it all the way to semi-finals before being eliminated by eventual champion Senator Armstrong. In the 3rd place consolation match, he lost to Kazuma Kiryu, placing 4th, which was the same that his assistant Maya Fey placed in Queen of /v/ that year.

Wright came back in 2021 and coasted his way to round 4 where he narrowly lost to Morshu, who coincidentally later placed 4th after losing to Kiryu in the 3rd place consolidation match, same as Wright did two years prior.

2022 was an eventful year for Wright. In round 1, he faced Isaac from The Binding of Isaac, who impersonated him, leading to an eventful trial where Wright had to prove that Isaac was a fake, which ended up with Isaac being successfully sent to jail. In round 2, he faced Grimm, who was put on trial for the rape and murder of Rance, and again, Wright was successful and won the case. Sometime after this, it was revealed that Wright had over 5000GB of Cheese Pizza on his computer, leading to several anons wanting to throw the lawyer in jail. Wright would lose to Jack Frost in the quarterfinals, later placing 6th in the 5th-8th consolation match but missed out of matching his ranking with Maya's own from Queen of /v/ in a tragic turn of events.

Phoenix Wright will be eligible for King of /v/ 2024.

Heroes of /v/[edit]

Outside of King of /v/, Wright is notable for winning the Heroes of /v/ side tournament, where he won his matches with good margins and brought his opponents to justice, as well as defending Ayin and his company from claims of crimes against humanity from his opponent in the finals, journalist Frank West. Wright's win here was celebrated after he had come close after making Elite Eight in past King of /v/ tournaments as well as Co-op 2023, where he was paired with fellow Ace Attorney character, Miles Edgeworth.


King of /v/
2019 - Unseeded
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 Larry Foulke 313 - 86 Ace Combat 78.4%
Round 2 Marco Rossi 254 - 93 Metal Slug 73.2%
Round 3 Rance 184 - 91 Rance 66.9%
Round 4 Gordon Freeman 183 - 130 Half-Life 58.5%
Quarterfinals Wario 155 - 123 Wario 55.8%
Semifinals Senator Armstrong 132 - 165 Metal Gear 44.4%
3rd Place Kazuma Kiryu 399 - 450 Like a Dragon 47%
2021 - Seed 2
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (127) Ryu Hayabusa 820 - 339 Ninja Gaiden 70.8%
Round 2 (66) Postal Dude 664 - 543 Postal 55%
Round 3 (98) Max Payne 708 - 430 Max Payne 62.2%
Round 4 (47) Morshu 702 - 754 The Legend of Zelda 48.2%
2022 - Seed 3
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (48) Isaac 856 - 377 The Binding of Isaac 69.4%
Round 2 (13) Grimm 734 - 660 Black Souls 52.7%
Round 3 (11) Coach 665 - 475 Left 4 Dead 58.3%
Round 4 (20) Engineer 647 - 612 Team Fortress 2 51.4%
Quarterfinals (59) Jack Frost 570 - 638 Shin Megami Tensei 47.2%
Contestant Series 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
(44) Travis Touchdown No More Heroes 792.75 1154
(3) Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 746.5
(41) Albert Wesker Resident Evil 691.25
(10) Luigi Super Mario 632



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King of /v/ 2019
Finalists Senator Armstrong • 2nd Doomguy
Semi-finalists 3rd Kazuma Kiryu • 4th Phoenix Wright
Quarter-finalists 5th Solid Snake • 6th Heavy • 7th Duke Nukem • 8th Wario
Round 4 (Top 16) Bowser Dante Funky Kong Gordon Freeman JC Denton Jack Frost Leon Kennedy Scout
Round 3 (Top 32) Alien (Alien Hominid) Doc Louis Dr. Eggman Earthworm Jim Geese Howard Gene Godot Kyle Hyde King Of All Cosmos Kirby Luigi Mega Man X Priest Rance Richter Belmont Travis Touchdown
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King of /v/ 2021
Finalists The Batter • 2nd Dr. Eggman
Semi-finalists 3rd Kazuma Kiryu • 4th Morshu
Quarter-finalists 5th Wario • 6th Leon Kennedy • 7th Heavy • 8th Nyarlathotep
Round 4 (Top 16) AM AM Brad Armstrong Charles Doomguy Kirby Phoenix Wright Solid Snake Spamton
Round 3 (Top 32) Agent 47 Albert Wesker Big Boss Demi-fiend Dracula Duke Nukem Garland Godot Goro Majima Jack Frost King Dedede Max Payne Rance Revolver Ocelot Solaire Soldier
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Did not qualify Template:Nahobino Ralsei IsaacTemplate:Dismas Plague KnightTemplate:Argalia Parappa Bomberman Giygas Lucas
King of /v/ 2022
Finalists Jack Garland • 2nd Jack Frost
Semi-finalists 3rd JC Denton • 4thAM AM
Quarter-finalists 5th Travis Touchdown • 6th Phoenix Wright • 7th Albert Wesker • 8th Luigi
Round 4 (Top 16) Agent 47 Christopher Robin Engineer Mario Pepsiman Simon Belmont Solid Snake Vergil
Round 3 (Top 32) Asura Battler Ushiromiya Captain Falcon Chris Redfield Coach Duke Nukem Gordon Freeman Isaac Clarke Isaac Kleiner Jetstream Sam Kirby Link Postal Dude Scout The Knight Tony Hawk
Round 2 (Top 64) Alucard Bomberman Brad Armstrong Charles Chief Cuphead Donkey Kong Doomguy Dung Eater Father Garcia Frog Gabriel Gene Grimm Helltaker John Ward Joshua Graham King Dedede King K Rool King Of All CosmosTemplate:Max (Sam & Max) Mega Man Meta Knight Miles Edgeworth Mr. Game & Watch QuoteTemplate:Sam (Sam & Max) Sans Solaire Spamton Tohru Adachi Wheatley
Round 1 (Top 128) Adam Jensen Alex Eggleston Arbiter Ayin Banjo Big Daddy Bill Bowser CJ Cave Johnson Companion Cube Crash Bandicoot Demi-fiend Dick Gumshoe Dracula Dwarf Earthworm Jim Ellis Emperor of Mankind Frank West Funky Kong G-Man Giygas Goro Majima Groose Harry Du Bois Henry Stickmin Hollow Knight Jacket Jevil Keke Kim Kitsuragi King Dice Lucas Luka Metal Sonic Mike Tyson Mr House N Neo Cortex Nero Ness Niko Bellic Not Important Pac-Man Parappa Patches Pit Rance Rando Armstrong Red Crewmate Regigigas Ridley Roland Sonic the Hedgehog Starscourge Radahn Steve The Hunter Tom Nook V1 Zagreus Zero ???
Excluded by Series Limit Raiden Revolver Ocelot Big Boss SoldierTemplate:Medic (TF2)Template:Demoman (TF2)Template:Sniper (TF2)Template:Saxton Hale SundownerTemplate:Sneed (Mario) Waluigi Shadow The HedgehogTemplate:Liquid SnakeTemplate:OtaconTemplate:Pot of GreedTemplate:King Harkinian IsaacTemplate:Merchant (Resident Evil)Template:Venom Snake GanonTemplate:Mecha SonicTemplate:BerdleyTemplate:Papyrus HUNKTemplate:HideoTemplate:Kris Dreemur Starwalker Lanky KongTemplate:Solidus SnakeTemplate:Kazuhira MillerTemplate:Monsoon (Metal Gear)
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