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Jack Frost is a recurring demon in the Shin Megami Tensei series as well as its spin-offs such as Persona. He appears in nearly every single SMT game and is also the mascot not just of SMT, but of its creators Atlus as well. Based off the Jack Frost of English mythology, he is often portrayed as a mischievous but friendly demon, and is best known for his frequent use of the words "hee ho", which are mixed in with all of his lines. Jack Frost often has a dedicated questline, usually involving an individual Jack Frost such as Hee-ho-kun and Raiho, and Jack Frost variants such as Black Frost, King Frost, Frost Ace, and Demonee-ho.

Tournament History[edit]

Jack Frost has appeared in every single King of /v/ tournament he has been eligible for to date. Jack Frost first appeared in 2019, making it all the way to Round 4 before being knocked out by the heavy hitter Kazuma Kiryu. In 2020 he had less success, making it to round 2 before losing to Devil May Cry's Vergil. Jack Frost scored a 29 seed in 2021, his highest yet, but lost in round 3 to Solid Snake.

Jack Frost's most notable performance was in the 2022 tournament, in which he would make it all the way to the Grand Finals and take his place as runner-up to Final Fantasy's Jack Garland. Jack Frost went largely unnoticed in the threads for the first few rounds, scoring victories against Amogus, Donkey Kong, and Link. Around round 4 his infamy began to build as one Frostfag took a wet shit on a printed out picture of Mario for the Frost vs Mario matchup, much to the aghast reaction of many anons in the thread. By this point Jack Frost began to pick up momentum, though some were surprised at his unusually strong performance against more hyped up characters, which continued as he managed to beat the strongly supported Phoenix Wright and JC Denton. Around the semi-finals a "Jack-Off" meme began to surface, with anons speculating the possibility of Jack Frost facing off against Jack Garland. To the delight of these posters both Jacks ended up clashing in the finals, though some anons were upset with the results of both characters due to believing they only won from anons forcing the Jack-Off matchup.

Having taken his place as the Runner-up of 2022, Jack Frost will not be eligible to run again until the 2024 tournament.


2019 - Unseeded
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 Geno 274 - 125 Super Mario RPG 68.6%
Round 2 Chief 180 - 167 Halo 51.8%
Round 3 Doc Louis 142 - 133 Punch-Out!! 51.6%
Round 4 Kazuma Kiryu 134 - 179 Like A Dragon 42.8%
2020 - seed 63
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (66) Crash Bandicoot 916 - 692 Crash Bandicoot 56.9%
Round 2 (2) Vergil 409 - 653 Devil May Cry 38.5%
2021 - seed 29
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (100) Joshua Graham 677 - 482 Fallout 58.4%
Round 2 (36) Chris Redfield 695 - 512 Resident Evil 57.5%
Round 3 (4) Solid Snake 478 - 660 Metal Gear 42%
2022 - seed 59
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Round 1 (48) Red Crewmate 782 - 451 Among Us 63.4%
Round 2 (50) Donkey Kong 769 - 625 Donkey Kong 55.1%
Round 3 (63) Link 658 - 482 The Legend of Zelda 57.7%
Round 4 (12) Mario 758 - 501 Mario 60.2%
Quarterfinals (3) Phoenix Wright 638 - 570 Ace Attorney 52.8%
Semi-finals (7) JC Denton 605 - 540 Deus Ex 52.8%
Finals (31) Jack Garland 492 - 662 Final Fantasy 42.6%


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