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Rayman is the protagonist of the Ubisoft platformer series of the same name. Rayman follows the titular limbless hero as he saves the Glade of Dreams countless times from different villains, usually starring his friends such as Globox and Barbara. The series has also seen many spin-offs, notably the Rabbids.

The Rayman series has been notable for not just its well beloved games, but its misfortune as a series in spite of that. Not only has the Rayman series not seen a new installment since Rayman Legends in 2013, but the afforementioned Rabbids would end up overshadowing him and becoming popular mascots for the company. He would also be the target of shitposting in Smash Bros. threads due to his status as a forgotten cartoon platformer mascot and namesake of the notorious Rayman hoax.

Tournament History[edit]

Rayman's tournament history would find its small beginnings in 2022. Here, Rayman would make an effort in the qualifiers, but be kept out of the tournament by only a single vote, adding to his misfortune as a character.

2023 would mark his first true debut for two major reasons. First, Rayman would reappear in the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope DLC, Rayman in the Phantom Show to the joy of long waiting fans. Later and more controversially however, he would also appear in the Netflix show Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. In the show, Rayman would swear, adopt the edgy persona "Ramon" to go on a shooting spree, and of course, eat sushi off a naked cowgirl. The absurdity of the show and his characterization would naturally lead to countless memes, and likely helped boost Rayman into finally qualifying for King of /v/. Although the Netflix show would not end up heavily defining Rayman's presence in the end, his fans would still rally together in hoping to secure Rayman a match in the Elite Eight to recreate the famous sushi scene.

After a particularily fitting matchup with Shadow the Hedgehog, Rayman would go on to defeat Big Daddy and Donkey Kong. In Round 4, the limbless hero would face off against Elite gatekeeper Pepsiman. After an eventful round of banter from both sides, Rayman would find himself victorious and enter the Elite Eight. Notably, this would also make him the first character to make the Elite Eight in his debut year since the previous champion Batter (or Jack Garland if considered separate from Garland's 2021 run). This celebration would be short lived, as he would be promptly eliminated by fellow Elite newcomer Demi-fiend and rank 8th overall. Ultimately, Rayman fans would be happy with his comeback and stellar results for a fresh face, as well as pairing with Taokaka and getting the long desired sushi art.

Rayman and his huge features will be eligible to return in King of /v/ 2025.


King of /v/
2023 - Seed 66
Round 1 (70) Shadow The Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 383 - 325 54.1%
Round 2 (99) Big Daddy BioShock 433 - 302 58.9%
Round 3 (33) Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 368 - 325 53.1%
Round 4 (59) Pepsiman Pepsiman 333 - 309 51.9%
Quarterfinals (53) Demi-fiend Shin Megami Tensei 345 - 450 43.4%
Contestant Series 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
(9) Scout Team Fortress 2 571.5 818
(8) Solid Snake Metal Gear 500.5
(47) Kazuma Kiryu Like a Dragon 487.5
(66) Rayman Rayman 485.5


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King of /v/ 2023
Finalists Grimm • 2nd Dr. Eggman
Semi-finalists 3rd John Ward • 4th Demi-fiend
Quarter-finalists 5th Scout • 6th Solid Snake • 7th Kazuma Kiryu • 8th Rayman
Round 4 (Top 16) Isaac Clarke Pepsiman Wario Spy Father Garcia Leon Kennedy Raiden Miles Edgeworth
Round 3 (Top 32) Agent 47 Duke Nukem Gordon Freeman Donkey Kong Postal Dude Giygas Alex Eggleston Geralt Kirby Jacket Dagoth Ur Alucard Big Smoke Charles Peppino Vergil
Round 2 (Top 64) Adam Jensen Doomguy Quote Dracula Dick Gumshoe Isaac Kleiner William Afton Big Daddy Goro Majima Isaac Roland Sans Max Payne Kefka Hollow Knight Frog Brad Armstrong G-Man Mario Neo Cortex Niko Bellic Chris Redfield X James Sunderland Rance Battler Ushiromiya Link Tohru Adachi Not Important Coach Harry Du Bois
Round 1 (Top 128) Earthworm Jim Red Crewmate Helltaker Joshua Graham King Dice N Sonic the Hedgehog Funky Kong Solaire Bill Icon of Sin Captain Falcon Jevil Nick Pit Shadow The Hedgehog Andrew Graves Shovel Knight Bowser Banjo Bomberman Tom Nook Patches Red Pikmin Kim Kitsuragi Asura Anon Asura King Boo Geno Cuphead Morshu Gex Chief Meta Knight Frank West Mega Man The Nerd Simon Belmont Sephiroth Wheatley Conker Little Mac King Dedede Cave Johnson Dung Eater Ness Crash Bandicoot Johnny Cage Zero Crono Waluigi Fox McCloud King Of All Cosmos CJ Christopher Robin Handsome Jack Nero Ridley Spamton King K Rool Ganon Gene The Hunter Heavy
King of /v/
Tournaments 20192020202120222023
Champions Senator Armstrong Dante The Batter Jack Garland Grimm
Elite Eight
Bold indicates semifinalist status. Bold underlined indicates finishing as runner-up at least once.
AM AM Albert Wesker Demi-fiend Doomguy Duke Nukem Dr. Eggman "Fuhrer" Heavy Jack Frost JC Denton Jetstream Sam John Ward Kazuma Kiryu Leon Kennedy Luigi Miles Edgeworth Morshu Phoenix Wright Raiden Rayman Scout Solid Snake Travis Touchdown Vergil Wario
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