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Ebony and Ivory are a pair of highly customized handguns wielded by Devil May Cry protagonist Dante, serving as one of his signature weapons in the entire series. They are designed to rapidly fire bullets powered by demon magic. Dante wields the black pistol Ebony with his left hand, which is specialized for accuracy and long-distance targeting, while his right-handed white gun Ivory is customized for quick drawing and rapid fire. The guns are named after a song about racial harmony performed by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder; the title refers to the colors of the piano keys.

Tournament History[edit]

Dante's pistols are infamous for their appearance in the Queen of /v/ 2021 tournament, where they managed to successfully enter the main bracket as a #72 seed. Their merits of qualification remain unclear, but were likely eligible for the Queen contest because their grips feature portraits of women. The fact that a literal pair of handguns qualified for the main event made them the tournament's "joke character" and ultimate meme pick, and their owner winning last year's King contest helps as well. Naturally, the guns also became a popular subject of fan arts with multiple drawfags depicting them as if they were real waifus, earning them the much-needed support that enabled them to win multiple matches. They were depicted in a variety of interpretations, such as:

  • Literally dressing the actual guns in maid outfits / bunny girls / fishnets
  • Giving them human forms (anthropomorphization), like Ebony having dark skin and Ivory having fair skin
  • Drawing them as women with the guns in place of heads
  • And in true 4chan fashion, one drawing features Anon with his crotch obliterated after having sex with the pistols.

Ebony and Ivory defeated Dark Souls' Gwynevere in round 1 by a margin as big as their opponent's tits, then shot down the hopes of former Elite 8 Maya Fey in round 2 and perennial contender Princess Zelda in round 3. However, the guns' momentum was stopped by Shantae - another Elite 8 returnee - after losing by 16 votes in the top 16 round. As a result of the pistols' good bracket performance this year, the organizers included a question on whether a character must be sentient in order to be eligible in future editions. It also caused some users to consider nominating other similar "talking weapons" in the following 2021 King contest.

Following Ebony & Ivory's run in Queen of /v/ 2021, a "No inanimate objects" rule was added to both /v/ tournaments. Unlike Ms. /co/'s Propane, another inanimate object joke pick, Ebony & Ivory will be ineligible for all foreseeable tournaments due to the lack of a grandfather clause.


Queen of /v/
2021 - seed 72
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (57) Gwynevere Dark Souls 645 - 379 63%
Round 2 (8) Maya Fey Ace Attorney 695 - 540 56.3%
Round 3 (25) Zelda The Legend of Zelda 710 - 502 58.6%
Round 4 (9) Shantae Shantae 558 - 574 49.3%


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