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John Ward is the protagonist of the horror game FAITH.

Haunted by a botched exorcism he performed in 1986, he returns to the house where it happened to right his wrongs and finish things, and in the process, finds out there was a lot more under the surface.

Tournament History[edit]

King of /v/[edit]

John first appeared in 2022 alongside fellow priest and FAITH deuteragonist Father Garcia, becoming prominent characters early on in the tournament due to strong campaigns from their fans. Even though both lost in round 2 of the main tournament, they were compensated for their efforts by being voted for that year's Mr. Literally Who award, which was given to them in a Psyanon vocaroo. Both also performed really well in the 256 side tournament, with John making it to the top five.

John reappeared in 2023 with greatly improved seeding and a strong OC-heavy backing. Starting out as one of the Good Christian Boys, expanded from /v/ Co-Op to include other Christians in the tournament, most notably his greatest collaborator Doomguy. John would help his Christian brethren to cast out demons in the tournament such as the Icon of Sin. Using his authority as a Catholic priest, John also regularly appeared in threads providing anons the opportunity to confess their sins to him. After defeating Nero in round 1 he would go on to exorcise the demon possessing The Knight, defeat Peppino's unholy ravioli, and excommunicate the demon prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Having entered the Elite Eight he would triumph against Solid Snake, along the way associating with Grimm in the Schizo Alliance due to events in FAITH involving John having a schizophrenic episode. This would come to fruition in the OC filled match against the Black Souls protagonist, and though John would lose, his strong alliance with Grimm helped the latter to become the champion of that year. In a fitting end to his run, John was able to score one last victory by exorcising the Demi-fiend in the 3rd place match, avenging fellow FAITH priest Father Garcia who had lost round 4 to the half-demon, and leading the forces of Law to triumph over Chaos.


John quickly reappeared after 2022 in /tnt/'s /v/ Co-op 2023 tournament, on the team "Good Christian Boys", consisting of himself and fellow FAITH character Father Garcia. They were notable candidates in the tournament due to another strong campaign, winning nearly every match with huge margins, and making their way to the finals before losing to the champions, "The Glamgals", consisting of Roxanne Wolf and Glamrock Chica. Some of the more notable moments for John was when he became involved in a crackship between him and Beatrice from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni after the two went up against each other in round 2. When Beatrice lost, she fell into the ocean, so John followed suit, holding onto her tightly and playing Ricordando il passato through a speaker. Another notable event would be the match against "The Belmont Clan", consisting of Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont from Castlevania. Users were quick to take advantage of the fact that both teams are hardcore christians who exterminate demonic monsters for things like art and written works.


King of /v/
2022 - Seed 127
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (97) Keke Baba is You 747 - 486 60.5%
Round 2 (24) Gordon Freeman Half-Life 633 - 762 45.3%
2023 - Seed 25
Round 1 (48) Nero Devil May Cry 453 - 255 64.0%
Round 2 (107) The Knight Hollow Knight 442 - 293 60.1%
Round 3 (3) Peppino Pizza Tower 391 - 302 56.4%
Round 4 (1) Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney 377 - 265 58.7%
Quarterfinals (8) Solid Snake Metal Gear 458 - 337 57.6%
Semifinals (11) Grimm Black Souls 373 - 445 45.6%
3rd Place (53) Demi-fiend Shin Megami Tensei 650 - 379 63.1%


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King of /v/ 2022
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King of /v/ 2023
Finalists Grimm • 2nd Dr. Eggman
Semi-finalists 3rd John Ward • 4th Demi-fiend
Quarter-finalists 5th Scout • 6th Solid Snake • 7th Kazuma Kiryu • 8th Rayman
Round 4 (Top 16) Isaac Clarke Pepsiman Wario Spy Father Garcia Leon Kennedy Raiden Miles Edgeworth
Round 3 (Top 32) Agent 47 Duke Nukem Gordon Freeman Donkey Kong Postal Dude Giygas Alex Eggleston Geralt Kirby Jacket Dagoth Ur Alucard Big Smoke Charles Peppino Vergil
Round 2 (Top 64) Adam Jensen Doomguy Quote Dracula Dick Gumshoe Isaac Kleiner William Afton Big Daddy Goro Majima Isaac Roland Sans Max Payne Kefka Hollow Knight Frog Brad Armstrong G-Man Mario Neo Cortex Niko Bellic Chris Redfield X James Sunderland Rance Battler Ushiromiya Link Tohru Adachi Not Important Coach Harry Du Bois
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