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Geralt of Rivia, The White Wolf, The Butcher of Blavkien, Gwynbleidd and countless other nicknames and aliases given to him throughout the ages from his acts of bravery, folktales and Ballads. He's the main protagonist in every game in the Witcher series.

Raised as a Witcher and then mutated into one through the trial of the grasses, Geralt of Rivia has been on the monster hunter trade longer than some kingdoms managed to last. His long career and his infamous acts of bravery and his self-imposed witcher moral code has raised him to be a legend.

Tournament History[edit]

King of /v/[edit]

Geralt first appearance in the tournaments was on King of /v/ 2020, more so as an after-thought than a real contestant. His support was basically non-existent and purely served there to be a background character that jobs to the more relevant characters in the tournament/ In this case, Revolver Ocelot in which he lost by a landslide.

Despite being irrelevant and widely disliked by /v/, this wouldn't last as in 2021 and 2022, it would see a huge surge of discussions around him. Mostly around the fact that he's originally a /lit/erature character than a /v/idya one, a fate that was shared with his fellow competitor AM AM who similarly had the same issue. In 2021, the the tourney was in a dilemma on weather or not Geralt or AM should be let in as both characters had the same circumstances, thus both should either be banned or be allowed to participate.

The hosts in their boundless wisdom from retard-town, decided that AM can participate and Geralt cannot, for the reason that the creator of "I have no mouth and I must scream" helped in the making of the first game. As it turns out, not only were the hosts retards but the same circumstances also happened to Geralt on the first game and ever since 2021, the Author of the witcher novels and CDPR red (company behind the games) have loosened their ties which means legally and canonically the witcher novels and games are now considered both different properties. This lead to the whitelist being created which loosened and lifted some unnecessary rules, and Geralt was always been whitelisted ever since.

Despite this, Geralt failed to qualify in King of /v/ 2022 to dismay of a lot of anons. He was an anticipated returning contender due to the whole drama that ensued the previous year. The reason behind the failure of his qualification boiled down to Geralt being the only witcher nominee to have been nominated in a sea of countless series and names which probably made him easy to miss on the qualifier sheets.

In King of /v/ 2023 he'd prove his worth, as not only would he qualify but would go on to have his best and most impactful run yet.

His first match was against Cuphead in which he won without much trouble and without any contest. The second round match was against a fellow knight, Hollow Knight which he also won without much contest but had one of the most hilarious moments on the tournament. One of the hosts somehow fucked up the results chart and for some reason spammed more than ten times in the results sheet. This resulted into Geralt being the meme'd into being the ultimate samefag and clone master of tournament which would garner him a lot of vocal support. This however, wouldn't help him overcome the incoming force of nature that came in the next round.

His Opponent for Round 3 was none other than the King /v/ 2023 Finalist, Dr. Eggman and despite the vocal support and campaigning he'd unceremoniously would lose against him in the biggest blow-out in his streak this year. However, prior to Geralt losing to Eggman there was a big drama regarding metagaming and you can learn more about in Jetstream Sam page.


Geralt performance in Co-op is night and day comapred to what he's usually seen in King of /v/. While in the King /v/ he's seen as a barely mediocre contestant that qualifies by a hair strand, in Co-op he's shown to be absolutely a unique powerhouse with some really strong support and campaign.

King of /v/ Results[edit]

2020 - seed 112
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (17) Revolver Ocelot Metal Gear 556 - 1049 65.2%
2023 - seed 126
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (128) Cuphead Cuphead 402 - 306 56.7%
Round 2 (123) Hollow Knight Hollow Knight 411 - 324 55.9%
Round 3 (02) Dr. Eggman Sonic 232 - 461 66.5%

Co-op Results[edit]

Co-op Tournament
2023: Geralt of Rivia & The Hunter - "Hunt or get Slaughtered"
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Bean Boozlers Imposter / Fall Guy Fall Guys / Among Us 56.4%
Round 2 Shadaloo M.Bison / Balrog Street Fighter 74.2%
Round 3 Extracurricular After-Hours Club Monika / Baldi DDLC / Baldi's Basics 72.7%
Round 4 Loser's Salvation Bar Alicorn / Captain Matias Torres Ace Combat 7 62.3%
Quarter-Finals Intellectual Rapists Erika Furudo / Dlanor A. Knox Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 34.6%
5th - 8th 5th: Puzzle Solving Gentlemen
6th: Hunt or Get Slaughtered
7th: Defeaters of Chaos
8th The Belmont Clan
Hershel Layton / Luke Triton
Geralt of Rivia / The Hunter
Philemon / Nodens
Simon Belmont / Richter Belmont
Professor Layton
The Witcher / Bloodborne
6th place
2024: Geralt of Rivia & Doomguy - "The Slayers"
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Double Dragons Billy / Bimmy Double Dragons 64.3%
Round 2 Book Burners I.M.Meen / CDI Ganon I.M.Meen / Link:The Faces Of Evil/Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon 66.7%
Round 3 GREATEST SIDEKICKS IN VIDEO GAME HISTORY! Albert Einstein / Launchpad McQuack Command & Conquer / Ducktales NES 75.8%
Round 4 Kings of the Ring King / Armor King Tekken 65%
Quarter-Finals Lords of Chaos Dracula / Death Castlevania 46.4%
5th - 8th 5th: The Slayers
6th: Wright and Co. Law Offices
7th: Army of Two
8th: Final Destination
Geralt of Rivia / Doomguy
Phoenix Wright / Maya Fey
Maj. Marco Rossi / Cpt. Tarma Roving
Master Hand / Crazy Hand
The Witcher / DOOM
Ace Attorney
Metal Slug
Super Smash Bros
5th place


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Round 4 (Top 16) Isaac Clarke Pepsiman Wario Spy Father Garcia Leon Kennedy Raiden Miles Edgeworth
Round 3 (Top 32) Agent 47 Duke Nukem Gordon Freeman Donkey Kong Postal Dude Giygas Alex Eggleston Geralt Kirby Jacket Dagoth Ur Alucard Big Smoke Charles Peppino Vergil
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