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Long John Silver, or more simply known as Captain Silver, is a major character in the 2002 Disney animated movie Treasure Planet, a science fiction, steam punk-themed adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island. He serves as the major antagonist in the form of the secret captain of the pirate crew aboard the RSL Legacy, but most importantly as the father figure for the main character Jim Hawkins. with their relationship being the main focus of the film.

He's notorious in the tournaments for creating a fearsome alliance called the Plunderers of the /co/ast (or Pirates /co/ncord) with Ruber and Zorak, having really huge campaigns and RP's whenever he appears, starting since 2021. Aside from that, Silver is also infamous on /co/ outside of the tournament for a screencap where an anon, in his fascination for the character, attempts to make his own mechanical arm, much like the one Silver possesses.

More infamously, Silver is known on /co/ and overall 4chan from a rather... Lets say dedicated female fan who goes by the name of Disneyfan01 on Deviantart, in which she self-inserts and ships herself rather intimately with John Silver, which she has been doing so for more than decade and it is one of the rarest instances of female autism and lolcows on the internet. You can learn more about Disneyfan01 in this wiki page which goes to great detail about her rather intimate relationships with Silver and her absolute horrid fanart.

Tournament History[edit]

Mr. /co/lympus[edit]

After years of fruitless attempts, Silver finally got a chance to qualify for a Mr. /co/ tournament in 2022. However, bad luck struck and Silver got matched with a /co/ classic and later Elite Eight qualifier, Squidward Tentacles, and unfortunately succumbed to him in the first round. Still, Silver had a massive campaign and hype around him, and ended up being Squidward's toughest opponent all the way until his match with the top seed Courage in the quarter-finals round. Had he not been matched with a heavy hitter in the first round, Silver might've experienced an OC snowballing much like his fellow plunderer, Zorak, experienced during Mr. /co/lympus 2022.

His Tag-Team appearances and previous Mr. /co/ entry seem to have gained him some stable footing in the tournament proper and thus he was able to qualify comfortably in Mr. /co/lympus 2023 with a 57 seed. He would be matched against fellow notorious campaigner pick and roleplaying personality The Monarch in round 1, who he would beat in a close match. However in round 2 he was matched against the well supported Ice King whose popularity was further boosted by the recent airing of Fionna & Cake, and was ultimately defeated.

Tag-Team Tournament[edit]

Captain Silver comfortably entered the 2021 Tag-Team Tourney, with his tag partner being the Mr. /co/ 2021 winner, General Grievous. Captain Silver and General Grievous tag-team was called Cyborgs Sympathy ,due to their robotic augmentations and their tragic pasts. This tag-team was backed up by the other Plunderers, who were considered heavy hitters during the TagTeam 2021 tourney. Silver and Grievous would lose in the Fourth Round to the eventual winners of the tourney, Team Cognito, meaning that Cyborgs Sympathy are still eligible to enter as a tag-team next year.

It should be noted that following the events of the Tag-Team Tourney, the status of Chris being in the Plunderers of the /co/ast is unknown and many have wished to replace Chris with Griffin, the companion of Ruber.

Captain Silver alongside his comrade Ruber, managed to settle themselves firmly as the Tag-Teams 7th highest seeded team with a total 96 votes and they were considered one of the fan-favorites and amongst the beloved tag teams of 2022 which makes the following events the more painful.

Their first match was against the leader of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, Leonardo and Miyamoto Usagi from the dark horse comics named Usagi Yojimbo in which formed the Team Ninja and Samurai. In brief they had a really close match up with the plunderers winning by just a short but fair amount. Their next opponents were Ryan Akagi and Min-gi Park from Infinity Train who formed the band called Chicken Choive Judy where Ruber and Silver then proceeded not to fight, but sing along achieving them a well earned victory.

Round 3 however is probably the most controversial tag-team round bar the 2021 elite eight drama, with Silver and Ruber losing to Ms. /co/ fan-favorite Tyr'hanee and her companion Mirage which formed the Team Interdimensional Rulers with Distant Lands. The ensuing drama lead to one of the biggest and heated debates on weather or not campaigning or RP should matter on weather or not a character should win, in which we're not going to go into further detail. In the end, this was the last stop for our Plunderers on Tag Team 2022, but that didn't demoralize the supporters who albeit a bit salty were further more inspired to continue and campaign more for their chances in Mr. /co/lympus 2023.

In Tag-Team Tournament 2023 Silver would again team up with Ruber as The Plunderers. Much pre-tourney discourse arose over the team with some claiming them as very likely to easily sweep to victory due to the desire to avenge their loss in the previous Tag-Team, their status as major campaign picks in a campaign-oriented tournament, and the fact that a Captain Silver avatarfag known as Silveranon had played a crucial part in exposing one of the hosts underhanded behavior just a week earlier.

Unfortunately for the Plunderers they would be matched against the eventual winners of that year, the Giant Localizers consisting of General Rogard and Kent Mansley from The Iron Giant, who would defeat them after an intense last hour battle between both teams campaigners. This round 1 loss at first came as a shock to many, with some claiming that the Plunderers being seen as a predictable winner caused them to be voted against, though others have since considered that the Giant Localizers won simply due to having a larger campaign presence throughout the round.


Our infamous pirate captain has also left his marks on the eventful tournament that was held as a crossover between /co/ and /v/, which was the /cov/ tournament. He was paired up with Erika Furudo from Umeniko for a very intentional and meta reason which was the fact that the most prominent campaigners for both characters were a inaugural role towards exposing the main host of the tournaments. This gave them quite the notoriety within the tourney, placing them at the 14th seed and surprisngly good character chemistry despite the rather superficial and meta reasons for pairing up. Their run in the tournament was very controversial but at the same time highly regarded for their campaign and they'd end up as the runner ups for the tournament, losing to the Dastardly Duo.


Mr. /co/lympus[edit]

Mr. /co/lympus
2022 - seed 121
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (36) Squidward Tentacles SpongeBob SquarePants 233 - 273 46.2%
2023 - seed 57
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (52) The Monarch The Venture Bros. 212 - 196 51.9%
Round 2 (4) Ice King Adventure Time 129 - 197 39.5%


Tag-Team Tournament
2022: The Plunderers - Ruber / Silver
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Team Ninja and Samurai Leonardo / Miyamoto Usagi TMNT / Usagi Yojimbo 54.4%
Round 2 Chicken Choice Judy Ryan Akagi / Min-gi Park Infinity Train 56.7%
Round 3 Team Interdimensional Rulers with Distant Lands Queen Tyr'ahnee / Mirage Duck Dodgers / Aladdin 48.4%
2023: The Plunderers - Ruber / Silver
Round 1 Giant Localizers General Rogard / Kent Mansley The Iron Giant 43.6%


2024: John Silver / Erika Furudo - The Mutineers (seed 14)
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Death and ̶T̶a̶x̶e̶s̶ Death The Grim Reaper / Grim The Sims / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 50.0%
Round 2 (3-way) Death and ̶T̶a̶x̶e̶s̶ Death + (We are the Eggman) The Grim Reaper / Grim + (Eggman / Robotnik) The Sims / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy + (Sonic the Hedgehog / AoStH) 42.9%
Round 3 Pyramid Scheme Bill Cipher / Yung Venuz Gravity Falls / Nuclear Throne 59.0%
Round 4 Wouldn't it be funny? Jetstream Sam / Sticks the Badger Metal Gear / Sonic Boom 77.2%
Quarterfinals Cowboys & Indians Not Shane / Xavier The Town with No Name / Xavier: Renegade Angel 73.0%
Semi-finals Criminals of Offensive Villainy Dr. Doofenshmirtz / Dr. Wily Phineas and Ferb / Mega Man 74.7%
Finals Dastardly Duo Waluigi / Dick Dastardly Super Mario Bros / Wacky Races 33.7%


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