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Zorak, the self-proclaimed "mantis of the apocalypse", is a recurring antagonist originating from the 1966 Hanna-Barbera series Space Ghost. Of course, that's not the main reason you're here. Instead, Zorak grew to far more fame for his supporting role in the 90s pseudo-talk show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast that aired on Cartoon Network and later Adult Swim. Forced to be the lead band member for the show, he would often delight in his sadistic sense of humor, often at the expense of host Space Ghost. He later went on to have a starring role in The Brak Show as Brak's friend and roommate and as one of the hosts of the revived Cartoon Planet. Zorak was voiced in later projects by C. Martin Croker, who tragically died alone of untreated sepsis in 2016.

As the breakout character of the show that helped to form the basis for original productions on Cartoon Network and the entire network of Adult Swim, he would eventually become the fifth champion of Mr. /co/lympus in 2022.

Tournament History[edit]

Despite his notoriety, Zorak would only first join Mr. /co/lympus in 2021. He ended up having an unremarkable performance this year, bowing out unceremoniously to Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.

Coming off this failure, Zorak would qualify again in Mr. /co/lympus 2022. His fortunes immediately turned around after narrowly besting the fairly powerful Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, thanks in large part to a few dedicated Zorak supporters pushing for the plunderer. This victory was immediately followed by him decimating tournament regular Jack Spicer the following round. Many expected his run to come to an end against previous Elite Eight qualifier Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who had two easy wins behind him, but Zorak managed to miraculously overcome him. From then on, Zorak would end up having strong wins against his remaining opponents, entering the quarter-finals after besting Scrooge McDuck.

Zorak and his queen

Out of the characters in the finals, a number of onlookers still thought Zorak was among the weakest candidates out of the remaining eight. His quarter-finals opponent, Xavier, had what many considered the strongest campaigning of the year and was thus seen as the favorite to win. In a huge upset, Zorak managed a massive win over his opponent, far bigger than the other quarter-final winners. This was followed by him taking out Daffy Duck, seen as one of the big favorites to win alongside Courage, in the semi-finals. The finals ended up being against fellow Adult Swim icon Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which had spawned off of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Many expected the finals to be very close, but Zorak pulled off a definitive win over Carl, aided by constant support in the final threads of the tournament.

To date, Zorak is by far the lowest seed to win a /co/ tournament, and the second-lowest for a 4chan character tournament after Recette Lemongrass in Queen of /v/ 2021 (seed #113). He has already been considered the biggest underdog story in Mr. /co/lympus history for his surprise run in 2022.


Mr. /co/lympus[edit]

2021 - seed 117
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (12) Dexter Dexter's Laboratory 223 - 391 36.3%
2022 - seed 81
Round Opponent Series Votes Pct. For
Round 1 (56) Gaston Beauty and the Beast 258 - 248 51.0%
Round 2 (118) Jack Spicer Xiaolin Showdown 383 - 185 67.4%
|Round 3 (25) Dr. Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb 286 - 278 50.7%
Round 4 (54) Scrooge McDuck Disney 321 - 255 55.7%
Quarter-finals (115) Xavier Xavier: Renegade Angel 258 - 202 56.1%
Semi-finals (5) Daffy Duck Looney Tunes 272 - 205 57.0%
Finals (12) Carl Brutananadilewski Aqua Teen Hunger Force 282 - 216 56.6%


2021: BLOOD DUMPSTER - Zorak / Brak
Round Opponent Members Series Pct. For
Round 1 Old But Gold Grunkle Stan / Eda Clawthorne Gravity Falls / The Owl House 77.4%
Round 2 Of Mice and Bears Bear / Tutter Bear and the Big Blue House 44.7%


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