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Reimu Hakurei is the main protagonist and a recurring playable character of the Touhou Project video game franchise. A shrine maiden tasked with protecting the mystical realm of Gensokyo, she has regularly ranked among the most beloved characters within her series. Reimu is considered an iconic character among doujin enthusiasts and the anime otaku community at large. This, along with Touhou's general history on 4chan, made her a fitting winner for the second Queen of /v/ tournament.

Tournament History[edit]

Shockingly, Reimu did not manage to even qualify for the inaugural Queen of /v/ tournament in 2019, with Sakuya Izayoi appearing as the sole Touhou representative within it. This action would be rectified in force, however, the following year in Queen of /v/ 2020 when she managed to land within the Top 15 seeds for that year. In the tournament itself, Reimu would prove to be a true powerhouse as she flew by the first four rounds with ease to land in that year's Elite Eight. She would face more serious competition in Morrigan, but would go on to narrowly beat her and then get a surprisingly definitive win against the beloved 2B. Many anons had been banking on a battle between Reimu and Okami's Amaterasu, whom had several obvious parallels to Reimu. Instead, Tifa Lockhart would narrowly manage to beat Ammy to the finals. Despite this final match-up riling up supporters from both fronts, in the end Reimu crushed Tifa in among the strongest champion rounds to date. She would later be paired up with King of /v/'s own winner, Dante from Devil May Cry, a pairing many seemed to enjoy.

In retrospect, Reimu has mostly been regarded as a strong winner. Touhou is generally agreed to have serious history on /v/ and 4chan as a whole, and Reimu herself is usually considered a popular character among much of the site's demographic (particularly ones from its early days). That said, she has also been subject to some scrutiny over the years. Most common point brought against her is Touhou's close relation to /jp/, with a decent share of anons feeling that board's cross-posters gave her an unfair advantage within the tournament. Others either feel Tifa was the better choice or simply have lukewarm to negative opinions towards Touhou as a franchise. This all said, few have considered her win genuinely surprising and Reimu is now forever recorded as the tournament's second winner after Samus Aran.

While Reimu is barred from partaking in future Queen of /v/ editions due to her victory, she has enjoyed some presence within the tournament threads, often appearing alongside Dante as a commentator.


Queen of /v/
Round Opponent Votes Series Pct. For
Queen of /v/ 2020 - seed 12
Round 1 (117) Nurse 607 - 259 Silent Hill 70.1%
Round 2 (53) Franziska von Karma 561 - 355 Ace Attorney 61.2%
Round 3 (21) Chie Satonaka 589 - 389 Persona 4 60.2%
Round 4 (28) Cammy White 621 - 408 Street Fighter 60.3%
Quarterfinals (36) Morrigan Aensland 569 - 527 Darkstalkers 51.9%
Semi-Finals (1) 2B 607 - 478 Nier: Automata 55.9%
Final (2) Tifa Lockhart 854 - 535 Final Fantasy VII 61.5%


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