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This page covers the various major alliances, or teams that have been formed in the tournaments.

Alice Alliance[edit]

Tournament: Queen of /v/


The Alice Alliance is a team featured prominently in Queen of /v/. The team consists of characters modelled after Lewis Carroll's Alice, or just about anyone who shares the character's namesake. It's primarily led by supporters of Black Souls' Alice, who the alliance revolves around due to her significance in her series and the heavy presence of Black Souls fans within the tournament threads, although non-Black Souls fans have also attached themselves to the team. After Black Souls Alice's run in 2021, the team began to gain momentum in the following tournaments, claiming victories such as Monster Girl Quest Alice's entrance into the Elite Eight in 2022, pushing Touhou Alice to just barely qualify over Koishi in 2023, and generally improving the results of other Alices.

Notable members:

Team Merchant[edit]

Tournament: King of /v/

Team Merchant is a team that was primarily featured in King of /v/ 2021. Formed in response to the success of arch-capitalist Recette Lemongrass in that year's edition of Queen of /v/ and later bolstered by the rise of Team Schizo, the team is primarily composed of characters who are merchants, greedy in nature, or otherwise inclined towards capitalism. They became the main rivals of Team Schizo, a rivalry which came to fruition in several high profile matchups such as Batter versus Spamton and later Morshu. Though heavily present during 2021's threads, the Merchants have since gone quiet in following tournaments, perhaps due to their defeat at the hands of Team Schizo or simply due to their existence revolving around 2021's Queen competition.

Notable members:

Team Schizo[edit]

Tournament: King of /v/

Contrary to what other might think, this team didn't just fucking appear out of thin air.

Prior to the King of /v/ 2021 tournament, shortly before Madotsuki's defeat at the hands of Recette, an anon conceived a team for King of /v/ that would be remembered as the infamous "Team Schizo". Their objective? (originally, anyway) Avenging Madotsuki. The team was called to arms shortly just after the defeat of Madotsuki, not long into the first after party thread. The Batter, with his French accent shouted "Schizo assembly" to which Grimm answered, prompting for all RPG Maker boys to congregate into the group. They would proceed to win a series of victories in the Merchants vs Schizos battle, with their united support ultimately culminating in Batter's victory that year.

Originally started as just a simple team limited to RPG Maker characters, it quickly escalated into this clusterfuck of an alliance themed around insane or otherwise mentally unwell characters after the drawfag behind the original team image decided to let AM in the background.[1] The image in question was composed of the Batter, Grimm, Sunny, Buzzo, Time Nomad, Masada-sensei, Squatto[2] and of course, AM in the background.

In years since the Schizos would continue growing in their influence, such as in 2022 where they would help bring AM to the Elite Eight. In 2023 a high profile matchup against Grimm would see Scout join their ranks due to his descent into insanity that year, as well as a partnership with John Ward. With the support Grimm raised from other schizo-core characters in the tournament, he would see his way to the Finals where he would triumph and join his best friend Batter as King of /v/alhalla.

Notable members:

Other characters partnered with the Schizos include Cutler, Arglaia, Buzzo, and Koishi. Jack Garland has also been featured in some group images, however he has remained largely disassociated with the rest of the alliance and thus debate rages over whether or not he is truly a member.

The Plunderers[edit]

Tournament: Mr. /co/lympus

The Plunderers or also known as The Plunderers of the /co/ast, is the name to a team of three characters composed by Ruber, John Silver and Zorak. They have made themselves known thanks to Zorak's victory in Mr. /co/ 2022. This was later followed by Ruber becoming runner-up in the first Villains of /co/ tournament in August, 2023. The team originated back in 2021 through Chris McLean and it was composed of four characters until he was booted out after his poster's involvement with rigging Tag-Team Tournament 2021.


Other alliances[edit]

  • Team Daddy (King of /v/ 2021)
  • Team Femboy (King of /v/ 2021)
  • Good Christian Boys (King of /v/ 2023)

>Where's Team FARTS?

Not actually a real alliance. See here for more information.