Mira is a character from the 2019 [Adult Swim] animated series Primal, created by Genndy Tartakovsky. She's introduced in the finale of the first season fleeing slavers, and her recapture by them kicks off the plot of season 2. Little is known about her life before she was enslaved. She has a kind personality and willingness to help others in need and is a somewhat capable fighter.

Mira's debut in the show was a controversial one for /co/, as her arrival reminded many anons of another show by Tarakovsky where the status-quo was abruptly changed to mixed results. Although some tried to remain optimistic, other anons expressed disappointment at the changes Mira brought to the show; spoken dialogue, other humans, more advanced civilizations, the absence of all three usually touted as positives for the show. A two year hiatus would follow after the season 1 finale, allowing the disdain towards Mira to build up as anons dreaded what would happen in season 2, with others expressing a fear that she would damage Fang's chances in future Ms. /co/ contests.

Since Fang couldn't be entered in 2021 due to her achieving Elite Eight status in 2020, Mira was (likely jokingly) nominated. As a reflection of her poor reception at the time Mira only managed to earn 56 votes, placing her at 263rd and being unable to qualify. She was nominated again in 2022 but with season 2 and her character receiving a much more positive response, Mira was able qualify with 127 votes, placing her at 91st seed. While she would lose in the first round to Zone-tan, many Primal fans were not surprised but were happy she had managed to come so far since her initial reception.

Mira will be eligible to compete in 2023.