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"Emmys design is fucking awful. It looks like hazbin hotel if it was bathed in buzzfeed water."
- Anonymous, 117676858

2020 Sterling Robotics Ads
"Meticulously crafted with the state of the art engineering you've come to know from Sterling Robotics, your Sterling Android nanny is guaranteed to offer a lifetime* of convenience and care.

Our automatons are programmed to deliver the highest caliber of care specified to meed your board's unique needs combining analytics and comfort. You would almost swear they are human!

Choose quality, choose reliability.
Vote Emmy the robot maid.

*actually limited to the duration of her nomination as miss/co/

- (Anonymous, 117643008)

>/co/ is such a mess.

>Threads that cover non-familyfriendly content. Anons that leave a bunch of lewd pictures everywhere. And to make things worse, a Miss /co/ that won't do a thing about it.

>Vote for a Miss /co/ contestant that is programmed to clean this mess up.

Vote for Emmy.

This advertisement was approved by Sterling Robitics.

Elite Eight
Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
1 YoRHa No. 2 Type B 610
8 Aigis 486
1 2B 478
36 Morrigan Aensland 527 12 Reimu Hakurei 607
12 Reimu Hakurei 569 12 Reimu Hakurei 854
2 Tifa Lockhart 535
2 Tifa Lockhart 640
7 Chun-Li 456 2 Tifa Lockhart 552
38 Amaterasu 533 3rd place match
14 Cirno 547 1 2B ???
38 Amaterasu 549 38 Amaterasu ???