Duck Match

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The Duck Match (or Duck Battle) refers to the match-up in Mr. /co/lympus between Looney Tunes' Daffy Duck and Disney's Donald Duck, based on their shared species, similar characteristics, and status as Golden Age cartoon characters. The prospect of this match-up ended up becoming somewhat of a legend during the tournaments, with many eagerly waiting for it to finally line up in the first few years of the tournament. The closest it got was formerly during the 2020 tournament, where Donald was narrowly kept out of the Elite Eight that year by Daffy's final challenger and eventual winner Tom Cat from Tom & Jerry.

Due to Daffy coming 2nd in 2020, the next contest the two were potentially able to meant up was in the 2022 tournament. Amazingly, due to the randomized first round brackets, the two were able to finally meet up during the second round of the tournament. While not as huge as anticipated by some, the match still generated roleplaying and several pieces of OC throughout the course of the round. In the end, Daffy ended up winning by a definitive margin, as many had predicted.