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The Colors Tournament (aka Colours Tournament in bri'ish english) was a tournament held in the anonymous imageboard plus4chan, held on the /tnt/ board. As the name suggests, the tournament is a competition between different hexcoded colors. The tournament was conceptualized as a simple practice tournament for the new host Cumanon to get experience for hosting larger tournaments, and as such the tournament was intended to be fairly laid back and non-serious with a lax ruleset and a smaller 28-player bracket.

The tournament was very small scale in nature, with around 100 posts and 20 votes per round. It was fittingly won by Gold, who triumphed over Lime Green and Prussian Blue in a first-ever three-way finale. Due to the unusual circumstances of the finals, the normal 3rd-4th place vote was skipped in favor of giving 4th to White (due to being the only semi-finalist to not advance) and 3rd to Prussian Blue (due to receiving the least amount of votes in the three-way). As the tournament was intended as a one-off test run, no future Colors Tournament is currently planned to occur. More one-off tournaments may occur however, as the idea was voted in favor of 15-6 by anons. It was also voted 16-6 that Vince McMahon get raped and killed by Tony Khan.


How to nominate[edit]

Post the name of the color and hex number alongside an edited template colored according to the color you're nominating. You can choose between male or female. A color must receive five replies to enter.

  • Check the nomination list (Ctrl+F, click the "three vertical dots" icon, and enter color name) to see if your color is already nominated)
The template used for nominations.

Color eligiblity[edit]

  • You are only allowed to nominate one color at a time
  • Black, White and Grey are eligible
  • You are allowed to edit the template. No Dragon Ball edits.

Qualifying round[edit]

Nominations list:

For this tournament a qualifiers round was skipped in favor of going straight to round 1.

Tournament Bracket[edit]

A 28-player bracket was implemented, with 12 matches in the first round. There would be 8 matches in the second round as the candidates Beige, Purple, Poop Brown, and Furry Green were placed ahead in the bracket, and each round after would have the normal halving of the previous round's matches.